Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dr. Appointment #4.. {Ultrasound}

*This isn't a very good picture, cause I took a picture of the picture with my cell phone. You can see the side profile and SHE also has HER fingers in HER mouth.*
I thought that the day when we found out the sex of our baby would NEVER come. I was seriously counting down the days. When it finally came I was nervous/excited. I was nervous just because this was our first ultrasound and I had never seen the baby before. It was really cool to see that there WAS actually something in there. I think that this has made it very much more real for both Cody and I that we are having a baby. I think that it was also fun that we found out that it was a girl. I was totally prepared for a boy. Pretty much everyone I know that's pregnant is having a boy. When the Dr. said that it was a girl I was literally cheering on the table I was laying on. Haha. I am so excited. I can't wait to dress her in dresses with tights, and put bows in her hair. I think Cody was wanting a little buddy to take hunting or on the rhino, but I think a girl will be fun for him too. She will be spoiled rotten by him, that's for sure. He cracks me up. After the ultrasound I have caught him calling me 'Momma' a lot and saying 'Our Little Girl' when referring to the baby. We love her so much already and are excited for her arrival. I just hit the 20 week mark so we are officially half way there. It's all down hill from here right?? Haha.
My iron levels did come back normal so I was relieved that I won't have to go to a specialist for my iron. Hooray.