Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Eve/Christmas Day

This year we kept with our tradition and went to G&G Hardy's house for Christmas Eve.
We had a yummy dinner and played the traditional white elephant game!
 J loved helping everyone open all of their presents.
After the game G&G Hardy give out their gifts.
Jessie loves her doll and doll bed!
After we finished there we went to Jim & Cindy's to have Christmas with them because Jim had to work Christmas day. We all exchange our sibling gifts and Jessie gets to open her presents from G&G and her aunts and uncles! J liked opening presents and seeing what was inside. By the time we were getting done there Jessie was asking to go home. (She never does this) We figured she was tired and were hoping she would go home and go to sleep so we could play Santa.
We let her open her pj's and set out Santa's reeses and diet pepsi and tried to put her to bed. She was up until midnight and was wanting to play. Cody worked that day so he was tired and went to bed. I waited until she fell asleep and set out some of her gifts and would have to wait until morning for Cody to set out her bigger non wrapped presents.
 We woke up about 6:45 and Jess was asleep on the couch. Cody moved her to my room so he could finish the Santa job. We were excited and tried to wake Jessie up. She wanted nothing to do with it. She wanted to lay in our bed and watch tv. She threw a fit. By this time I was getting pretty upset because this isn't how it was supposed to be! She was supposed to be so excited. After we finally got her relaxed and in the living room opening a present she started to warm up and had a lot of fun.
 She was definitely super spoiled by everyone.
We went to breakfast at G&G Hardy's house and came back home to rest for a bit before heading to my parents house for a delicious turkey/ham dinner.
We went and visited my Grandpa Lee and Aunt Keri's family too.
It was a great Christmas despite Jessie scaring me by throwing up and running a fever two days before! Thankfully it passed quick.
We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a very happy healthy New Year!

Lee Family Christmas Party

Its one of my favorite traditions to go caroling each year with the Lee's.
This year we went caroling and then all came back and had yummy soups to eat.
 Jessie even tried singing some of the songs and wished everyone a 'Merry Christmas!'
 We went to Aunt Keri's afterwards and Jessie had to check out the village again this year. She still loves it!
She and Derek played so well together.

Hardy Party

The Hardy Party is a fun December tradition!
It's fun to be able to see everyone each year.
 We had a good dinner and our family even won the jeopardy game!
There was also some cute crafts for the kids that Betsy helped Jessie with.
Santa usually makes an appearance too!
He brought all the kids a book and a candy cane.
Jessie loved playing with the kids and cried when it was time to leave!

Gingerbread House

For one of our family nights in December I wanted to do something fun for Christmas.
I tried a gingerbread cookie recipe off pinterest, but it was a fail.
I seen this preassembled gingerbread house so we went with that! 
 Jessie liked putting candy on the house.
And eventually liked eating the icing.
 It kept her entertained for a good 2 hours!
We all had fun.
I hope this is something we can do for years to come!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Snow in St. George!

A couple weeks ago we went to St. George to get some Christmas shopping done and it was snowing! Like really snowing!
 I was super brilliant and wore sandals! I had to by myself some shoes in Target because my feet were soaked and cold!
 We went to Olive Garden for lunch which was super yummy!
The drive home was scary and I tried to talk Cody into getting a hotel room! It was such a blessing when a snow plow pulled on the freeway two cars in front of us. It took us about and hour to get through the gorge. It was scary!
There was so much snow that Swig was closed. There may or may not of been a few tears shed by the pregnant women who really wanted a pop and a cookie.

Christmas Tree 2013

We had to get a new tree this year because ours from last year was having some issues.. And I threw it away last Christmas.
Our new one flashes colored and white lights.
Jessie and I decorated it while Cody was elk hunting.
Jessie still loves to mess with the ornaments. I don't even bother worrying about them and let her do her thing.
I loved decorating this year in our new house. It was a lot of fun and we had a good time doing both the inside and out.

Football Champs!

This is a late post!
A couple months ago my little brothers football team played in St. George for the championships!
Cody was on call so J and I headed up to the game!
They won!
Grandma was a nervous wreak the whole game
and Grandpa is one of the coaches!
We went and enjoyed some Pizza Factory afterwards..
Jessie threw a fit because I got her chocolate milk and she wanted pop.
Crazy girl!
We have enjoyed some football games this year and are excited for more to come next year!


Jessie got to meet Santa this year at our ward party.
She didn't cry this year, but she was still shy and wouldn't look at Santa.
This year has been really fun because she knows who Santa is and that he is going to bring her presents.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

I didn't take one picture this year at our thanksgiving dinner.. I was too busy stuffing my face.
This year we spent thanksgiving with my family. Most of my moms family was able to make it. It's always fun when we can all get together. It was a relaxed dinner. Jessie had a lot of fun and liked being the center of attention.
I finished off the night with some good deals at Walmart for Black Friday with my mom.
We are so grateful for all we have!