Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Cody..

Cody turned twenty-six on the eighteenth! He was gone elk hunting with my dad so I didn't even get to see him. I gave him his gift before he left for the hunt. Jessie and I got him a new heavy duty sleeping bag. He told me that's what he wanted, so it made my job easy! It will be good for him in October cause he will be doing lots more hunting. Upon request I'm going to make him his favorite cake tomorrow since I didn't get to celebrate with him on his real birthday.

Dear.. We hope you had a great birthday!! Love, Your 2 favorite Girls!!

6 Generations..

I feel extremely blessed to have six generations on my mom's side all still here with me on earth!! I think it's pretty crazy. Cody was gone this last weekend so it was a perfect time for me to get this picture taken!

My great great grandmother is 100 years old!! She's such a sweet lady. He even had her fingernails painted. I could listen to her and my great grandmother talk about old times all day long! Such fun, sweet people!! I'm so grateful to call them my family!!

Friday, September 2, 2011


I am so obsessed with abcfamily's original series PRETTY LITTLE LIARS!!

The third season just ended. And of course left me with lots of questions.

Its a murder mystery series.

Cody looked up the spoilers online, so now he teases me that he knows who 'A' is and what happens through out the rest of the show.

The other night I was teasing him.. And he looked at me and said.. "If you don't stop I'm going to tell you who A is."

I'm so antsy to see what happens. So I started the books! I love to read so it's a win win situation!

To be honest.. I don't really know why I love it.. It gives me nightmares way too much!

I'm 20..

I turned 20 on the 26th day of August.

As Cody would say.. I'm no longer a teen mom. Haha.

I spent the day with my lovely sister-in-laws.

We went to St. George for some lunch at the Olive Garden and then we hit the mall.

I came home to flowers from Cody. He had ordered me something online, but it hadn't came yet.

Hannah babysat for us and we went to dinner at the scoop.

My online gift were these cute cowgirl boots below. I picked them out myself. And he also got me the Pretty Little Liars book one.

On Sunday we had cake and ice cream with at my in-laws and my parents came down too.
It was a great birthday.

2 Months Old..

Jessie is two months old!!
We had to go to the Dr. and get her first set of shots. Cody stayed with her while I ran a few arrands. But of course I got back just in time to hear her scream!

She now weighs 11.4 lbs and is 22.6 inches tall!

*She still loves everything she did at one month.

*She is now more alert and likes to watch mickey mouse!!

I'm a Disney fReAk so she better love Disney too or I might have to cry myself to sleep at night.
*She is also laughing a lot more and starting to baby talk.

*She is NOT a nap taker. I'm lucky if she will take a long nap during the day. She will do cat naps, and wake up right when I put her down.

*She is sleeping from around 9 p.m to 4 a.m eats and then goes back to sleep for a few more hours.

*Sometimes she just likes to be left alone. When she gets fussy sometimes we just set her on the couch by herself and she is happy.

*Her nicknames are Sister, Sissy, Girl, Jess, and Stinkpot.

At least she got some sweet bandaids!!
She's growing up fast. But she is getting to a fun stage. The newborn stage is sweet, but i'm ready for her to talk and start to show her sweet personality!