Thursday, November 29, 2012

Power Ball..

Today I was at my Grandma Leavitt's with my Mom and a couple of her Sisters.
We were talking about the big lottery that was going on.
It was up to a whopping $587.5 million dollars.
We were all talking about what we would do with all of that money.
That is a lot of freaking dough!!!!

I would put money in the bank for me and Cody and for our children to live freely and with everything we want.
I would give my parents and inlaws all the money they needed to pay off any debt and to just play with.
I would give my siblings money.
Help out any family that needed it.
Go buy a bettle bug.
Build a big house.
Open a resturant.
Go on a long disney cruise.
Buy a few vacation homes.
By lots of toys.
Any do a lot lot more. But that's just some fun stuff.

What would you do?!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012..

This year we were here in the Valley with The Hardy Clan.
We had dinner at G&G Hardy's house.
There was lots of food and good company.
I don't have any pictures cause I didn't take my camera.
Jessie had fun but didn't eat one thing, she was too busy playing.
We went over to my parents that afternoon.
And I was excited that when I got there they had a ham in their oven.
I love ham. Turkey is alright but ham on a roll is just yummy.
And I also had a whole pan of leftover stuffing so we had another little feast.
We went Black Friday shopping at wal-mart. It was crazy and people were rude. I'll still do it next year but it was a little disappointing to be waiting for something and have people just walk by and not wait and just throw it in their cart. The waiting and the crazyness is what makes it fun. I think its a fun way to bring in the Christmas season.
Cody went with me for awhile. He is on call this weekend so he couldn't stay too long. He thought it was nuts and I'm not sure if I will get him to go back.
Him and Jessie came home and I stayed for more shopping fun.
We got back to my parents about 11:00. And I was happy they had Costco Pumpkin Pie. Their pie is seriously my favorite and it's not thanksgiving with out it.
I'm thankful for:
My Parents

My Siblings
The Gospel
Diet Pepsi
Cody's Job
And much much more..

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

When I was about Jessie's age I dressed up as a pumpkin for halloween
so I thought it would be cute to dress her the same.
 She loved her pumpkin costume and was always so excited when she would see it hanging in her closet.
We just went around to Grandma Cindy, GG Waite, & GG Hardy.
Jessie had fun and loved being the center of attention.