Thursday, November 29, 2012

Power Ball..

Today I was at my Grandma Leavitt's with my Mom and a couple of her Sisters.
We were talking about the big lottery that was going on.
It was up to a whopping $587.5 million dollars.
We were all talking about what we would do with all of that money.
That is a lot of freaking dough!!!!

I would put money in the bank for me and Cody and for our children to live freely and with everything we want.
I would give my parents and inlaws all the money they needed to pay off any debt and to just play with.
I would give my siblings money.
Help out any family that needed it.
Go buy a bettle bug.
Build a big house.
Open a resturant.
Go on a long disney cruise.
Buy a few vacation homes.
By lots of toys.
Any do a lot lot more. But that's just some fun stuff.

What would you do?!

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