Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We got a new car and totally love it!!
We have been looking around for cars. The jetta was just feeling too small.
We really liked the Ford Edge so that's what we went with!
And I am pleased to say I can now get a car seat in the back seat with out saying a few curse words. :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

6 Months Old!!

This Little Lady has offically hit the 6 Month Mark!!
She is such a character and has a crazy little personality!Here are some Stats:*16 lbs 13 oz
*26.2 inches long
*Says Dadadadada
*Sleeps in her own bed (for the most part all night)
*Loooves food. Eats baby food 2 times a day and gets apple juice once a day
*Loves to be outside
*Is army crawling all over
*Loves to be the center of attention
*Growls and talks to whoever will listen
*Has stopped spitting up so much
*Takes two good naps a day (Usually)
*Hates to get dressed. Loves to be naked
*Is starting to wave 'bye bye'
*Rolls forward and backward
Jessie is such a good baby! We are glad she is ours to keep forever and ever!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Resolutions..

Resoultions are something that I always set come the beginning of the year..
And well..... They are pretty much the same every year!!

1. Lose my extra weight.. I think this is everyones resolution! I have lost most of my pregnancy weight. Now I just need to lose my extra post marrige weight.. My post high school weight.. Pretty much goes back to my baby weight.. This will be my year!!!!!

2. Be better about scripture reading and FHE. I've read the BOM once. But it was pretty much cause I was assigned to in Seminary. I want to read it together with Cody. I think he is so smart. He's my go to gospel questions dude. Plus I think it would be good for us to read it together. What do I even do for FHE with a 6 month old?? I guess we will figure it out.

3. Try to be a better person. This isn't really a resolution but it's a goal I try to use daily.

I think three resolutions is a good number.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years!

If you know me well enough you know that the way to my heart is anything Disney.
Needless to say I was thrilled when my parents got us Disneyland tickets for christmas.

I have been to Disneyland more times than I can count and would go everyday if I could. When I was little I was going to move to Cali when I graduated and work at the parks. Haha.

I had never been at christmas time so I was really excited to see all the christmas decorations and different things they do around that time of the year. We knew it would probably be busy. And it was! It was sooooo busy. On new years eve the Disney park was full so we couldn't even get into it. But that's ok. I still loooooved it!

Jessie loved all the lights and bright colors. We had a heated pool at the hotel so she even got to go swimming for the first time. She loves the water so she was in heaven, even though it was still pretty cold.
I was suprised when Jessie didn't cry on any of the rides including Pirates and The haunted mansion. She just looked around.
She liked the characters too. She just looked at them in amazement. Probably wondering what the heck that thing was. I think she liked Tigger the best. He played with her and was bouncing all over the place.
We enjoyed all the yummy Disney food.. Churro's, Corndogs, and I even discovered a yummy bakery. The cookies were delish! We also had a cheesecake factory and a bubba gumps near the hotel.. So we ate very well!!
The park is most busiest around new years.. The park was doing a fireworks show and world of color show at 12 am. The park was so busy we didn't stay...... And were asleep by midnight!!!! But that's ok! I loved going around new years and christmas time and it was so fun taking Jessie for the first time, even though she didn't know what was going on.
We will be back soooooon!

Christmas 2011..

I don't think that i'm ever going to get caught up on this so called blog.
Here it goes.
We hope that everyone had a very merry christmas!
We sure did.
We stayed true to our christmas eve tradition cody and I started last year, on our first married christmas. We woke up and got some stuff around the house done, getting everything last minute done. We went to overton for some lunch at mcdonalds and then came home so jessie could nap and then we went for a little ride up to the dam. fun tradition eh?? I think so.:) I love traditions so we are going to stick to it.
We went to Grandma & Grandpa Hardy's for dinner and a christmas eve party. It was a good time other than Jessie was ready for bed so I had to leave a tad pit early.
Even though I left early I still made her open her christmas eve gift.. Which of course it was pj's! She liked the paper more.. But what baby doesn't??
Cody came home from the party and his dad's early christmas due to work the next day and got to be santa. We got Jessie a jumperoo for her big gift, so we put that together and got the rest of the gifts set out.
Jessie woke up at about 6:45 am. We helped her open a few presents but she quickly lost interest and would just rather play with the wrapping paper. Cody and I enjoyed opening our gifts from each other and our families and the rest of Jessie's gifts.
We went to breakfast at Grandma and Grandpa Hardy's house. I love breakfast!! And then came home and got ready for church. Jessie was not excited for church so Cody and I were in the lobby or walking around outside.
We went to my parents after church for dinner and to hang out to celebrate christmas!
I love christmas and all of the family time that it brings. We enjoyed many family parties and get togethers during the whole month. We are grateful for our families and all the support they show us. I love the gospel and celebrating christ's birth.

Merry Late Christmas!!