Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jessie is 2!

I can't believe Jessie is two today!
Time sure flies!
 J and I are just hanging out today and are going to have cake later with Daddy.
We will have a little family party at our house this weekend.
 Some of Jessie's favorites (from my eyes):
Color: Purple & Orange
Food: Spaghetti
Movie: Toy Story and Lion King
Tv Show: Doc Mcstuffins
Fruit: Straberries & Watermelon
Veggie: Uhh. Pickles. Or as Jessie calls them 'apples'
Toy: Her doll dressed in a bunny outfit or her stroller that usually has lots of randoms in it. She has also been loving her little people castle and her plastic high heel shoes.
Outdoor activity: Loves to be outside with Dad. She also loves to swim. J loves the farm. We walk down to the corells to get her out for a walk. Yesterday she seen one of the goats and as we were walking away she said 'Bye Missy's Goat'.
Indoor activity: Loves movies, playdough, her toys, and coloring.
Has been talking so so much.
Loves to sing Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, The itsy bitsy spider, popcorn popping, here's the ball for baby, and head shoulders, knees and toes.
We got Jessie a potty but I haven't pushed it too much. I'm trying to hold out until our Disneyland trip because I don't think it would be too fun with a newly potty trained toddler on the drive or around the park.
Has been doing much better in nursery. I think she has fun playing with the kids, but she gets so excited when I pick her up.
Loves going to her grandma's houses.
I am so glad that I get to spend each day with this girl. She makes us laugh so much. And she drives me nuts so much too.;)
Love you J Girl!!

Tomatoes 2013

Our tomatoes have done pretty good this year.
At first we didn't know if they were going to survive, but they pulled through!
We have been picking/watering every couple days because they were being watered to much and little critters were getting into them.
When we pick we get about 12 or so tomatoes.
Which is plenty for us.
I don't bottle anything. I'd eventually like to once we get a good garden spot going here at our new house.
We mostly just slice them and put lots of salt and pepper and I usually classify that as a side dish for dinner.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

River fun with the Louge's!

We went to the river with Josh, Bailey and their 2 kiddos on 6/22/13. 
Jessie and Braxton played good together!

 The kiddos and Daddy's had fun swimming and playing in the tunnel while the Mom's visited and I got my baby love from Miss Jaylee.
Hot dogs to eat and lots of fun visiting!
Thanks for a fun afternoon Louge's!

Monster's University

We took Jessie on a family date to see the new Monster's movie on 6/21/13.
It was Jessie's first movie. She did pretty well but got a little stir crazy towards the end.
It was a super cute movie.
I will definitely be adding it to our collection.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cutie Jessie

*Snoozin in Mom's bed after Dad goes to work
*Swimmin in Papa's pool

*Cool train at walmart in Vegas

*We got Jessie a big girl potty

*Rhino rides while Dad's at mutual

*9 am and still sleeping

3 Year Anniversary

On June 18, 2013 we celebrated 3 years of marriage!
It sure has gone by fast.
We decided not to do anything big due to our disneyland trip planned for next month.
We just spent the evening together and plan to go to dinner this weekend!
*2010. I believe we were engaged here. Or close to it.

*A couple months after we got married.

*Last year at Cody's line school
 We have had so many good times and a few bad. I sure do love this guy!

Father's Day 2013

We were so glad we got to spend Father's Day with Cody.
And we were super glad when his meeting got canceled on Sunday so that meant more time with him.
 Cody is such a great Dad!
He really helps me so so much
and he's not afraid to change a diaper.
 Jessie loves to be with Cody and loves to be on the farm with him.
 We got him a new bbq grill, some mtn dew, some taffy's, and a new movie.
Happy Father's Day to Cody, my Dad, and my Father in law!

Cody hiked 50 miles!

A calling in the young men's brings lots of joys.
Like going on a 50 mile hike!
Cody left on tuesday and didn't get home until saturday night.
He said the hike was really hard and his food wasn't too great, oh and the lake water was nasty.
We're sure glad he is home!
*A picture I snapped while he was getting his pack ready.