Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Welcome home, HUBBY!

*I mean really. c'mon, who would want him to leave?!*

Cody left to go Hunting on Saturday with his cousin Justin, and Uncle Stan. I'm glad that he is home. I mean who was supposed to entertain me with him gone?? I missed him, but i'm not gunna lie it was pretty good sleeping in our bed alone and not hearing his snores. This was the first time that we have been apart over night since our wedding night. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was gunna be. We were apart so much when we were dating so it seemed normal.

Cody, hope you had fun this weekend, cause your never leaving me again. Haha. Just Kidding.:)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Friday Night

On Friday Night we went to Las Vegas because its a possibility that I may be working in vegas sometime soon filling in at the Dermatologist office down there. So we thought that it might be good to kind of get an idea on where its located cause I haven't ever driven in Vegas. Eeek. After we found where the office was we went to Famous Daves for some BBQ. Oh man! It was so good. After we fisnished eating Cody told me he had a surprises for me. So we drove for what seemed like forever, we finally arrived.....
It was a good surpise. And I totally knew he was taking me there. For a long time now I have been telling him that I wanted to go walk around the Las Vegas temple. It was a good little pick me up and motivation. I can't wait to go to the Temple with him and be sealed forever.

P.s- Don't you love the cheesy smiles on our faces.. Geeze..

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dinner w/ The Hardy's

All he needs is a chefs hat!
I loved the boots. Perfect cooking attire.

Cody cooking.

Time to eat!

These pictures are from a couple months ago but I finally figured out how to get them from the computer with a dead camera. You just put the memory stick into the computer, Duh! Anyways, When we first got married I had a hard time trying to figure out what to make for dinner. I think that my biggest wedding stress was.. 'What if he doesn't like my cooking.' Please.. Why was I stressed about that?! He will eat anything you put in front of him, he isn't picky. I'm lucky to say the least.
But one day.. I really didn't know what to make. So he came home from work and we looked through cook books.. And he said he would make enchiladas with chicken and green sauce. I didn't complain of course. Doesn't food taste so much better when someone else does the cooking? I think so! So we enjoyed our dinner with some beans and guacaomole. It was pretty tasty! I think i'll continue letting him cook this dish!:)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our weekend

This past weekend was a pretty chill weekend. I worked on saturday morning and Cody was on call all weekend so we didn't have any plans. Which was quite nice. On Friday we just hung out and went to the scoop for dinner. Yum. (And no dishes!) Saturday I went to work and then came home and hung out some more.:) Saturday Morning while I was at work Cody washed his truck. Of course.. Cause then the clouds rolled in.:) It sprinkled just enough to ruin his nice washing job.
When I took the picture of the truck Cody asked me if I was putting the truck up for sale.. Oh dear..

Saturday afternoon we went to Wally's for a drink and decided to go for a drive. So we went to the pasture to see if there were any baby cows. The cows are expecting babies any time. None. But on the plus side I learned a lot about cows. Oh man, so glad i'm not a cow. Cody explained a lot of the different things about cows, birth, the bull, and the butcher.
My response to these things.. HOLY COW..
(Literally..) Ha.