Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 2012..

This month has sure been a busy one!
And all these pictures loaded backwards.. Grr.
 Santa made it to our house and Jessie got way too much stuff.
I really don't know where i'm going to put it all.
Santa got her a 4-wheeler, rocking horse, dolls, clothes, and much more.
Lee's- Clothes, Disney little people princess castle, Ariel and Eric toy, and more.
Hardy's- Minnie doll, outfit, and a vtech learner.
She got so much more and was spoiled by aunts and uncles as well!
 I always do pj's for us for christmas.
My mom always did it and its a good excuse to get some new pj pants!
 We got to go caroling this year with my whole Lee family.
It's a really fun tradition!
We had yummy soups, hot coco and doughnuts.
 This year it was our families turn to be in charge of the annual Hardy Party.
We had it in the morning and did a breakfast.
Cody even dressed up as Santa for all the kids.
 Jessie got to see santa 3 times this year.
At the ward party, opd, and the hardy party.
She wasn't too thrilled.
I really truly love Christmas. We had such a good month and had a lot of family time. We were so busy, i'm kinda glad it's all over and ready for the new year.
Jessie was a lot of fun and did ok opening her gifts. She wanted to play with the one she had opened not have to open more.
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I remember when Jessie was born she would not sleep at night unless her and I were cheek to cheek.
It melted my heart and I loved it.
We were up a lot through out the night anyways so it didn't bother me that she was in out bed.
There are so many opinions about co-sleeping.
It's bad. It's good. Ect. Ect.
I was recently watching a show where a mother had never co-slept with her child until he was 9 months old and she was so worried that he was doing it now.
So she had some sort of expert talk to her about it.
The expert asked her if she (the mother) had been busy and away from the child a lot lately, the mother being a busy working mom had been.
I thought it was interesting that the expert said maybe it was what the mother needed because she wasn't getting all the bonding time with her child due to her busy schedule.
The mother had admitted it to being true and she did love being able to be with the child all night even if they were sleeping.
Lately Jessie lays in bed with us at night.
It's a great way to end the day,
With her snuggles and loves.

Oh, and she is finally wheened of her bottle.
Yay for big girl cups!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Today has been a bad day.
It really needs to be over. Like NOW.
Jessie has totally pushed me over my limits.
She has NOT been sleeping over the last two days. Goes to be late late and gets up early early. With no naps.
Leaving me no 'Me time' or no 'I'm going to set my butt on the couch and not move time'.
This morning she was up early and I was sooooo tired. So we laid in bed with cartoons on and I dozed. Jessie does not like when I doze.
She was slapping me in the face. Pulling my hair. Setting on my face. Ect.
So I pulled myself out of bed.
I started picking up house with her in tow pulling out everything I had just put away.
I get in the shower and while I think she is playing with babies she is actually is putting my towel in the toilet.
Jessie's turn to get in the bath and she gets her bath cup and throws water all over me.
She loves Cheese. So I cut her a slice and she chews it up and spits it all over the kitchen floor.
I love the girl to death but sometimes she drives me completely up thee wall.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Updates on the Hardy's..

This little blog of mine has been lacking pictures..
Well thats cause I haven't been talking any..
They say you have tons of pictures of your first child and then start taking less and less of the kiddies as you get more..
Well mine are going to be lucky if they get any.
I like to enjoy the moments and not worry about snapping pictures.
Jessie will be 18 months on the 26th!
HOORAY for nursery!
I have been taking her in lately and she does really well, I just hope it stays that way when I leave her.
She is talking so much. I love that I can almost have a converstaion with her and she can tell me what she wants.
Some of the words she has been saying are.. Please, Cheese, Truck, Shoes, Juice, Papa, Bronco, KiKi, Banana. Just to name a few.
She loves watching cartoons. A few of her favorites are.. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jungle Junction, Doc Mcstuffins, and Higley Town Heros.
She even watched Barney the other day and did well with it.
She is eating well and loves fruit.
She has been telling me when she poops so i'm hoping we will be able to potty train sooner rather than later.
She loves being outside with Cody and loves to go for rides in the Truck.
Cody is doing good. He has been loving to cooler weather.
Yesterday he got a new church calling. He is now the teachers quarm advisor. He doesn't like being in charge but I think he will do great.
He was already in the young mens so he will be working with the same group of boys.
He went hunting this past weekend with his brother and some friends they didn't get anything but they had a good time.
I am doing good and still loving being home.
It has been good because we have gotten on a good schedule.
It makes my life so much easier!!!!!
I have been trying to be crafty. I got out my sewing machine that Cody got me last Christmas and have been practicing doing some stiches. So hopefully someday I will be able to make a quilt.
I have been so ocd lately. I hate when the house is messy. I feel like i'm picking up all day but thats ok cause I would go nutso if my house was a mess.
I have been loving putting up my christmas decor. I feel like I just keep putting up more and more junk. My house just might look like "Buddy the Elf" came to decorate by the end of the month.:)

Saturday, December 1, 2012


I absolutely love this time of year.
Today as I looked at my phone and seen that it was finally December First I was really excited.
I love this holiday.
I love the family time it brings,
and the Lee letter that I love to read.
I love the chilly weather and warm soups I get to make for dinner.
I love the lights and trees and all the other decorations.
I love the baking.
I love watching all the Christmas movies.
I love the Hymns we sing at Church and the lessons/talks that we get to listen to.
I love that I get to think about the real reason for the season.
I'm so excited for this month and spending it with Jessie and Cody.
It's going to be so fun and exciting.
I hope everyone has a great month of December!!