Monday, December 27, 2010

Dr. Appointment #3..

I went to the Dr. again today. Everything is going well other than my iron. I have to go get blood work.. Again. I think my fear with needles should be fixed by the time that this pregnancy is over. The Doc is surprised that my iron was so low to begin with and I have been taking two iron pills daily (Which suck) but they need to check my numbers again with a blood test to see if there has been a good improvement. If not off to a specialist I will go.:) Blah. I got to hear the hearbeat again and it was about 140. Whatever that is supposed to mean. Oh, and I have gained a total of six pounds. And with Thanksgiving and Christmas just passing I will take that. Heck, most people put on extra weight during the Holidays anyways, and i'm pregnant so I have an excuse.. Right??
We get to find out if were going to have a little Cowboy or a little Cowgirl on February 1st!
Man.. It's going to be a long month!!
Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.. We sure did!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


A 12 pack of Diet Pepsi: $3.98

A Disney Annual Pass: $459.00

A tank of gas in the Jetta: 35.00-40.00

Walking in to your Husband setting on the floor in front of the T.V watching Christmas movies: Priceless!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Merry Christmas to me!!

I came home to gifts under my Christmas Tree.. I wonder who they could be from..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's officially..

December!! My favorite month of the year!! I was quite proud of my first tree. I thought it turned out pretty good.
Bring on the family partys, hot chocolate, Mud Balls, Candy Canes, Chrismas Music & Movies, and Lots of fun!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Our second Dr. Appointment.

Today we had our second Dr.'s Appointment. I was pretty excited to go and I think Cody was too. Our appointment was at 11:00 Utah time, so 10:00 Nevada time. We got there a few minutes early. Suprisingly we got right into the appointment and only had to wait about five minutes in the waiting room. Cody got to meet the Dr. this time and he says that he likes her. We got to hear the heartbeat. It was cool, but it didn't really sound like a heartbeat to me. I thought it might make things more real, and I guess it kind of did. But I think when I actually see something or maybe not till i'm holding a baby in my arms will things be real to me. My iron is low so I have to take two iron pills daily. The Dr. said that she was surprised with my blood count because it shouldn't be this low so early on. So if the iron supplements haven't helped by next month I will have to see another Dr. to try to help with the problem. So we're crossing our fingers, toes, and eyes that things get fixed!:)
We also went and got a Christmas tree today. I put it up when we got home. I'll post pictures later. And Cody got the outside lights up too! We are feeling quite festive and we are exctied for our first Christmas as a married couple!
Also in St. George Cody took me to Cafe Rio for lunch!! Mmmm. It was so good! Doesn't get much better than that!
Have a good week all!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day #7..

Day 7: A picture that makes me happy.. As I went through my pictures I came upon this one.. It was last Christmas.. And the gun is what I got as my Christmas gift from Cody.. The reason that this picture makes me happy is because we have grown and changed so much since this picture.. We're married with a baby on the way! We have become much closer since then.. So I think thats enough to make me happy.. Oh, and don't you love how Cody decorated the Tree?? Haha.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Day #5.. & Day #6

Day #5:
Favorite Quotes.. I don't know.. I'm not a huge quote person.. But I have liked this once since High School..

"If it's cold outside show the world the warmth of your smile." -Rascal Flatts
Day #6:
20 of my favorite things:
1. Family
2. Friends
3. Books
4. Bubble Baths
5. Chick Flicks
6. Chewy Candy
7. Ice
8. Comfy Clothes
9. Lazy Days
10. Sleep
11. Cold Weather
12. A Clean House
13. Blogging
14. Hoodies
15. Rascal Flatts
16. Facebook
17. Cafe Rio
18. Going to Church
19. TLC Channel
20. The Color Purple

Friday, November 19, 2010

Day #4..

M Favorite book?? Do you have all day?? I love to read!

*The Hunger Games
*Twilight Series
*Anything Nicholas Sparks
*LDS Novels

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day #3..

My favorite t.v program..

*The Bachelor/The Bachelorette
*Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives
*Maury.. Ridiculous I know..
*Full House

It's the month to be thankful!!

Just a few of the many things i'm thankful for today:
1. A Husband: Sometimes he may drive me completely bonkers but I love him anyways. He has been awesome lately. When I work in Vegas I get home late, and he has dinner on the table waiting for me. And sometimes he even does the dishes. I'm thankful for his job, and knowing that he will be able to support me. Oh, and lately all the back scratches have been great! Thanks Honey!:)
2. My Family: Oh what to say about these crazies.. Haha, Just kidding. Since I have been married or more so pregnant I want to go to my moms a lot. I'm not sure why, but I do. I miss my parents cooking and just want to be there a lot of the time. (They don't know this, so don't tell them.:)) I love my family and i'm thankful for all the they do.
3. In-Laws: Most people have crazy stoires about their in-laws, but I don't. How lucky is that? I was truly blessed with good in-laws. I don't think their is a better family that I could of married into. I know they are there whenever I need something.
4. Work: Sometimes as i'm going to the bathroom to throw-up in the morning, I really am cursing work. But when i'm there and feeling well it's not too bad. I have been working in Vegas lately, but I don't think I will have to be going there anymore. So I will be working in Mesquite Tues. & Thurs. I'm thankful to have a job, even if it's just a couple days a week, that keeps me entertained and active.
That is all for now.:)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Day #2..

Favorite Movies..
Where do I start??
Here are just a few..

*The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, Message in a bottle, The Last Song.
*The Grinch.
*Mean Girls.
*Beauty and the Beast.. Anything Disney, of course!
*A Nightmare Before Christmas.
*How to Lose a Guy in 1o Days.

Monday, November 8, 2010

30 days..

I have a couple blogger friends who are doing this.. So I thought it would help keep me entertained and I thought it would be fun to look back on.. So here we go!

day 1- your favorite song
day 2- your favorie movies
day 3-your favorite television program
day 4- your favorite book
day 5- your favorite quote
day 6- 20 of your favorite things
day 7- a photo that makes you happy
day 8- a photo that makes you angry/sad
day 9- a photo you took
day 10- a photo taken over 10 years ago of you
day 11-a photo of you recently
day 12- something you are OCD about
day 13- your favorite outfit
day 14- your favorite shoes
day 15- your dream house
day 16- a song that makes you cry
day 17- an art piece
day 18- my wedding/future wedding/ past wedding
day 19- a talent of yours
day 20- a hobby of yours
day 21- a recipe
day 22- a website
day 23- a youtube video
day 24-where I live
day 25-your day in great detail
day 26- your week, in great detail
day 27- your worst habit
day 28- whats in my handbag/purse
day 29-hopes, dreams and plans for 365 days
day 30- a dream for the future

DAY #1

Day number on is my favorite song.. I have lots.. I love rap and hip hop.. Haha.. Right now I love Animal by the Neon Trees.. And I like I Know That My Redeemer Lives.. Thats a hymn..:)

Friday, November 5, 2010


YES! We are having a baby.
It's totally crazy to me.. I mean, i'm still a baby myself! I can't have one of my own. It's not real to me whatsoever. I think it will be more real for both Cody and I when I feel something or hear a heartbeat.
We found out on Sunday Oct. 17th. I had bought home pregnancy tests just in case I would need one in the future. I was kind of curious as to if I was pregnant because I had not been feeling too hot the last couple weeks, so while Cody was hunting I took a pregnancy test. I left it on the bathroom counter for 30 seconds to see the one line and then tossed it. I also did the same thing with another pregnancy test I took the next week. Note to self: You have to let the test set on the counter for a few minutes!!!! I let the one I took on Sunday set out because I was getting in the shower before church. I glanced down at it and had to do a triple take. I called Cody in to the bathroom, and he looked at it. And started LAUGHING. Probably because I was freaking out and I was shaking. He gave me a hug and let me shower.
It was very hard to go to church and not run up to Cindy (mother-in-law) and tell her. She loves babies, and I know she wants grandbabies. We weren't going to tell anyone, including our parents, until we went to the Dr. for the first time just to make sure everthing was ok. BUT.. I had to. I called my mom the next day. I mean I HAD to. I don't know what to do, or when to go to the Dr. i've never done this! She is very excited. And she told me I should call and schedule my apt. I couldn't keep it a secret so we went and just told our parents. And would wait to tell everyone else when we went to the Dr.
We went to the Dr. on Oct. 25th. Which was interesting. I have never gotten a pap smear. So this was very interesting! I even made Cody leave the room. I'm going to a female Dr., and I LOVE her. They said that I was just about six weeks and we would be able to hear a heartbeat next time we went. My due date is June 23rd. Our next apt. is Nov. 29th.
I had been doing great. I hadn't thrown up or felt too sick.. Until this last weekend. It hit me like a brick. I was in bed pretty much all weekend. It totally sucked! I can smell everything! I told Cody that I should ask the police dept for a job so I could sniff out the drugs. Smells are so strong. Cody is no longer aloud to made breakfast burritos because the smell is stinky. No food really sounds good. So if something sounds good. I try to eat that.
*Jamba Juice
Repulsive foods:
*Breakfast Burritos
*Potatoes & Onions
*All our regular foods.. Hambugers, Tacos.. My favorites!!
Oh.. And P.S. I pulled my first two pregnancy tests out of the bathroom garbage to find that they both had positive results!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Welcome home, HUBBY!

*I mean really. c'mon, who would want him to leave?!*

Cody left to go Hunting on Saturday with his cousin Justin, and Uncle Stan. I'm glad that he is home. I mean who was supposed to entertain me with him gone?? I missed him, but i'm not gunna lie it was pretty good sleeping in our bed alone and not hearing his snores. This was the first time that we have been apart over night since our wedding night. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was gunna be. We were apart so much when we were dating so it seemed normal.

Cody, hope you had fun this weekend, cause your never leaving me again. Haha. Just Kidding.:)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Friday Night

On Friday Night we went to Las Vegas because its a possibility that I may be working in vegas sometime soon filling in at the Dermatologist office down there. So we thought that it might be good to kind of get an idea on where its located cause I haven't ever driven in Vegas. Eeek. After we found where the office was we went to Famous Daves for some BBQ. Oh man! It was so good. After we fisnished eating Cody told me he had a surprises for me. So we drove for what seemed like forever, we finally arrived.....
It was a good surpise. And I totally knew he was taking me there. For a long time now I have been telling him that I wanted to go walk around the Las Vegas temple. It was a good little pick me up and motivation. I can't wait to go to the Temple with him and be sealed forever.

P.s- Don't you love the cheesy smiles on our faces.. Geeze..

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dinner w/ The Hardy's

All he needs is a chefs hat!
I loved the boots. Perfect cooking attire.

Cody cooking.

Time to eat!

These pictures are from a couple months ago but I finally figured out how to get them from the computer with a dead camera. You just put the memory stick into the computer, Duh! Anyways, When we first got married I had a hard time trying to figure out what to make for dinner. I think that my biggest wedding stress was.. 'What if he doesn't like my cooking.' Please.. Why was I stressed about that?! He will eat anything you put in front of him, he isn't picky. I'm lucky to say the least.
But one day.. I really didn't know what to make. So he came home from work and we looked through cook books.. And he said he would make enchiladas with chicken and green sauce. I didn't complain of course. Doesn't food taste so much better when someone else does the cooking? I think so! So we enjoyed our dinner with some beans and guacaomole. It was pretty tasty! I think i'll continue letting him cook this dish!:)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our weekend

This past weekend was a pretty chill weekend. I worked on saturday morning and Cody was on call all weekend so we didn't have any plans. Which was quite nice. On Friday we just hung out and went to the scoop for dinner. Yum. (And no dishes!) Saturday I went to work and then came home and hung out some more.:) Saturday Morning while I was at work Cody washed his truck. Of course.. Cause then the clouds rolled in.:) It sprinkled just enough to ruin his nice washing job.
When I took the picture of the truck Cody asked me if I was putting the truck up for sale.. Oh dear..

Saturday afternoon we went to Wally's for a drink and decided to go for a drive. So we went to the pasture to see if there were any baby cows. The cows are expecting babies any time. None. But on the plus side I learned a lot about cows. Oh man, so glad i'm not a cow. Cody explained a lot of the different things about cows, birth, the bull, and the butcher.
My response to these things.. HOLY COW..
(Literally..) Ha.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cabin for the night.

Jay and Becky invited us to Becky's families cabin for the night last weekend. We started our trip off great with a trip to Wally's for a drink for the road. We stopped at Wal-mart in Washington to get a few things and then we stopped at Jimmy Johns for some lunch. Cody had never been there. Crazy, I know.

Cody & I at the Cabin.

It was so pretty up there with the leaves all changing colors.

More trees.
Justin & Missy's carving.

We rode over to the property that the Hardy's own.
Cody carved this years ago.

Freshly carved! Cody plus Mersadie.

Jay & Becky.

Justin & Missy.

Our means of transportation.

At Gpa Gma Waites cabin. It was freezing!

We had a great time, and can't wait to go again!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I think so!
This is my favorite Disney movie! I don't own this one! So you better believe that I will be at Wal-mart on October 5th to buy it!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

10 things I loVe

10. Family. Where would we be without them??

9. Cute love notes left on the fridge for when I wake up in the morning.

8. The Tyra Show. It makes my afternoons go buy quicker.

7. Cafe Rio Chicken Salad. -Enough said.

6. Being pampered. While going to school I got to used to being pampered with all the treatments. It was so nice!

5. Disney. Movies, Disneyland. You name it, I love it.

4. The Gospel. It is such a blessing. And i'm glad that I will be able to raise a family by it's teachings.

3. A clean house. When the dishes and laundry are done.

2. Diet Pepsi. Yum. It's so delicious!

1. My husband. He makes me laugh so much. We are so similar yet so different. He's awesome!
*These were in no specific order.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to CODY!

Cody with some of his friends from high school. This was at Brandon and Mckenzie's wedding reception.

Opening presents.

Cody turned 25 on the 18th. It was a good day. We went to lunch at Sugars and that night we went to Brandon and Mckenzies wedding reception. I got Cody a knife, a movie, a basket full of random stuff, and he also got a new phone a few weeks ago. We made 'Better than sex cake'. On sunday we went to Jim and Cindy's for ice cream with the whole fam.

I'm so thankful for Cody and all that he does for me and us as a couple. He works hard to support us. I'm thankful that I found a guy like him and that he is my best friend. I love you babe, and hope that you had a wonderful birthday!