Monday, November 29, 2010

Our second Dr. Appointment.

Today we had our second Dr.'s Appointment. I was pretty excited to go and I think Cody was too. Our appointment was at 11:00 Utah time, so 10:00 Nevada time. We got there a few minutes early. Suprisingly we got right into the appointment and only had to wait about five minutes in the waiting room. Cody got to meet the Dr. this time and he says that he likes her. We got to hear the heartbeat. It was cool, but it didn't really sound like a heartbeat to me. I thought it might make things more real, and I guess it kind of did. But I think when I actually see something or maybe not till i'm holding a baby in my arms will things be real to me. My iron is low so I have to take two iron pills daily. The Dr. said that she was surprised with my blood count because it shouldn't be this low so early on. So if the iron supplements haven't helped by next month I will have to see another Dr. to try to help with the problem. So we're crossing our fingers, toes, and eyes that things get fixed!:)
We also went and got a Christmas tree today. I put it up when we got home. I'll post pictures later. And Cody got the outside lights up too! We are feeling quite festive and we are exctied for our first Christmas as a married couple!
Also in St. George Cody took me to Cafe Rio for lunch!! Mmmm. It was so good! Doesn't get much better than that!
Have a good week all!!


  1. Are you getting close to an ultrasound??! Those are the coolest. You really feel pregnant after that. Let me know if you ever need anything! :)

  2. I like hearing the heartbeat each appointment. It lets me know he is doing OK. Nothing was really real to me until I saw him moving on the ultrasound. That was definitely the coolest part. I take an iron pill at night, but just 1. Hopefully your iron gets where it needs to. Honestly, I don't think the fact of us being parents is going to be real until we have this baby in our arms. It just seems so surreal!