Monday, March 14, 2011

Belly Picture..

* Twenty Five Weeks*

Things are going well here at the Hardy home. We are keeping busy and having fun.

Cravings: Mac and cheese with A1 sauce, Cookies(thanks Cindy), and fruit smoothies.

Our favorite treat..

We love milk and orange rolls or cinnamon rolls. And its so easy. We just buy a bag of the rhodes rolls and set them out for 3-5 hours. Or you can do the Cody Hardy method and turn the oven on and set the rolls on the hot oven so they rise in about thirty minutes. But either way they are yummy.:)

My Crazy Cute Cody..

Hahaha. My husband makes me laugh on a daily basis. A couple weekends ago I took my little brother to a 3D movie (Gnomeo and Juliet, I almost fell asleep). But my husband here had fun with the 3D glasses. He popped the lenses out of them and put some tape in the middle and says they are his 'reading glasses'. When he walked into the room with them on I just laughed and had to snap a few pictures. He didn't take them off for like thirty minutes after he put them on. I'm so thankful for Cody and all the does for me each and everyday. He always does what I ask with out complaining and with a cheesy smile on his face. I couldn't ask for anyone better. I LOVE him.:)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Feelin' like humpty dumpty or a fertility goddess??

Definitely Humpty Dumpty!!

A couple weekends ago my family was going to Dumont Dunes so we decided to pack up and get outta the valley for a couple days! It was a nice get-a-way. While we were there I started having pretty bad random stomach cramps. And they were painful! I thought it must of been something I had eaten or just growing pregnancy pains. After two days I started getting worried and called my Dr. on Tuesday. They told me it was best if I come right into the office and they take a look at me because they thought that I might be having some contractions. So I left work and headed to the Dr. I got there and they hooked me up to the non-stress test machine for and hour or so. They also checked my cervix. It appeared to be closed still. And the non-stress test showed that I was not having contractions. We did find out what was wrong with me though.. I had been taking and anti-biotic because I had an infection in my throat and it reacted really sensitive with my body. So I'm on ten more days worth of pills. With my iron, prenatals, and these pills, I am taking 12 pills a day. I feel old.

I went to the Dr. today for my monthly visit. Things are looking good and the baby is growing. My stomach grew one centimeter and I gained six pounds this month, making my total weight gain around 16 pounds. I have been in a lot of pain because something is wrong with my tailbone. My Dr. referred me to a general surgeon. So I am going to see her next Monday.

Cody went with me to the Dr. and we also went and bought a crib and changing table. We still have a lot to get but it's a start.