Monday, March 7, 2011

Feelin' like humpty dumpty or a fertility goddess??

Definitely Humpty Dumpty!!

A couple weekends ago my family was going to Dumont Dunes so we decided to pack up and get outta the valley for a couple days! It was a nice get-a-way. While we were there I started having pretty bad random stomach cramps. And they were painful! I thought it must of been something I had eaten or just growing pregnancy pains. After two days I started getting worried and called my Dr. on Tuesday. They told me it was best if I come right into the office and they take a look at me because they thought that I might be having some contractions. So I left work and headed to the Dr. I got there and they hooked me up to the non-stress test machine for and hour or so. They also checked my cervix. It appeared to be closed still. And the non-stress test showed that I was not having contractions. We did find out what was wrong with me though.. I had been taking and anti-biotic because I had an infection in my throat and it reacted really sensitive with my body. So I'm on ten more days worth of pills. With my iron, prenatals, and these pills, I am taking 12 pills a day. I feel old.

I went to the Dr. today for my monthly visit. Things are looking good and the baby is growing. My stomach grew one centimeter and I gained six pounds this month, making my total weight gain around 16 pounds. I have been in a lot of pain because something is wrong with my tailbone. My Dr. referred me to a general surgeon. So I am going to see her next Monday.

Cody went with me to the Dr. and we also went and bought a crib and changing table. We still have a lot to get but it's a start.


  1. sorry about the pains girl. that sounds no fun, but i am happy you and the baby are healthy. congrats on getting the crib and changing fun :) i am so excited

  2. Dang, ya little pill popper. lol I'm really glad to hear your doing alright. :) Getting all the baby stuff is fun...and addicting. lol Oh I found a website with cute clothes and good prices. Like I said, it's addicting! lol