Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 2012..

This month has sure been a busy one!
And all these pictures loaded backwards.. Grr.
 Santa made it to our house and Jessie got way too much stuff.
I really don't know where i'm going to put it all.
Santa got her a 4-wheeler, rocking horse, dolls, clothes, and much more.
Lee's- Clothes, Disney little people princess castle, Ariel and Eric toy, and more.
Hardy's- Minnie doll, outfit, and a vtech learner.
She got so much more and was spoiled by aunts and uncles as well!
 I always do pj's for us for christmas.
My mom always did it and its a good excuse to get some new pj pants!
 We got to go caroling this year with my whole Lee family.
It's a really fun tradition!
We had yummy soups, hot coco and doughnuts.
 This year it was our families turn to be in charge of the annual Hardy Party.
We had it in the morning and did a breakfast.
Cody even dressed up as Santa for all the kids.
 Jessie got to see santa 3 times this year.
At the ward party, opd, and the hardy party.
She wasn't too thrilled.
I really truly love Christmas. We had such a good month and had a lot of family time. We were so busy, i'm kinda glad it's all over and ready for the new year.
Jessie was a lot of fun and did ok opening her gifts. She wanted to play with the one she had opened not have to open more.
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I remember when Jessie was born she would not sleep at night unless her and I were cheek to cheek.
It melted my heart and I loved it.
We were up a lot through out the night anyways so it didn't bother me that she was in out bed.
There are so many opinions about co-sleeping.
It's bad. It's good. Ect. Ect.
I was recently watching a show where a mother had never co-slept with her child until he was 9 months old and she was so worried that he was doing it now.
So she had some sort of expert talk to her about it.
The expert asked her if she (the mother) had been busy and away from the child a lot lately, the mother being a busy working mom had been.
I thought it was interesting that the expert said maybe it was what the mother needed because she wasn't getting all the bonding time with her child due to her busy schedule.
The mother had admitted it to being true and she did love being able to be with the child all night even if they were sleeping.
Lately Jessie lays in bed with us at night.
It's a great way to end the day,
With her snuggles and loves.

Oh, and she is finally wheened of her bottle.
Yay for big girl cups!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Today has been a bad day.
It really needs to be over. Like NOW.
Jessie has totally pushed me over my limits.
She has NOT been sleeping over the last two days. Goes to be late late and gets up early early. With no naps.
Leaving me no 'Me time' or no 'I'm going to set my butt on the couch and not move time'.
This morning she was up early and I was sooooo tired. So we laid in bed with cartoons on and I dozed. Jessie does not like when I doze.
She was slapping me in the face. Pulling my hair. Setting on my face. Ect.
So I pulled myself out of bed.
I started picking up house with her in tow pulling out everything I had just put away.
I get in the shower and while I think she is playing with babies she is actually is putting my towel in the toilet.
Jessie's turn to get in the bath and she gets her bath cup and throws water all over me.
She loves Cheese. So I cut her a slice and she chews it up and spits it all over the kitchen floor.
I love the girl to death but sometimes she drives me completely up thee wall.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Updates on the Hardy's..

This little blog of mine has been lacking pictures..
Well thats cause I haven't been talking any..
They say you have tons of pictures of your first child and then start taking less and less of the kiddies as you get more..
Well mine are going to be lucky if they get any.
I like to enjoy the moments and not worry about snapping pictures.
Jessie will be 18 months on the 26th!
HOORAY for nursery!
I have been taking her in lately and she does really well, I just hope it stays that way when I leave her.
She is talking so much. I love that I can almost have a converstaion with her and she can tell me what she wants.
Some of the words she has been saying are.. Please, Cheese, Truck, Shoes, Juice, Papa, Bronco, KiKi, Banana. Just to name a few.
She loves watching cartoons. A few of her favorites are.. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jungle Junction, Doc Mcstuffins, and Higley Town Heros.
She even watched Barney the other day and did well with it.
She is eating well and loves fruit.
She has been telling me when she poops so i'm hoping we will be able to potty train sooner rather than later.
She loves being outside with Cody and loves to go for rides in the Truck.
Cody is doing good. He has been loving to cooler weather.
Yesterday he got a new church calling. He is now the teachers quarm advisor. He doesn't like being in charge but I think he will do great.
He was already in the young mens so he will be working with the same group of boys.
He went hunting this past weekend with his brother and some friends they didn't get anything but they had a good time.
I am doing good and still loving being home.
It has been good because we have gotten on a good schedule.
It makes my life so much easier!!!!!
I have been trying to be crafty. I got out my sewing machine that Cody got me last Christmas and have been practicing doing some stiches. So hopefully someday I will be able to make a quilt.
I have been so ocd lately. I hate when the house is messy. I feel like i'm picking up all day but thats ok cause I would go nutso if my house was a mess.
I have been loving putting up my christmas decor. I feel like I just keep putting up more and more junk. My house just might look like "Buddy the Elf" came to decorate by the end of the month.:)

Saturday, December 1, 2012


I absolutely love this time of year.
Today as I looked at my phone and seen that it was finally December First I was really excited.
I love this holiday.
I love the family time it brings,
and the Lee letter that I love to read.
I love the chilly weather and warm soups I get to make for dinner.
I love the lights and trees and all the other decorations.
I love the baking.
I love watching all the Christmas movies.
I love the Hymns we sing at Church and the lessons/talks that we get to listen to.
I love that I get to think about the real reason for the season.
I'm so excited for this month and spending it with Jessie and Cody.
It's going to be so fun and exciting.
I hope everyone has a great month of December!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Power Ball..

Today I was at my Grandma Leavitt's with my Mom and a couple of her Sisters.
We were talking about the big lottery that was going on.
It was up to a whopping $587.5 million dollars.
We were all talking about what we would do with all of that money.
That is a lot of freaking dough!!!!

I would put money in the bank for me and Cody and for our children to live freely and with everything we want.
I would give my parents and inlaws all the money they needed to pay off any debt and to just play with.
I would give my siblings money.
Help out any family that needed it.
Go buy a bettle bug.
Build a big house.
Open a resturant.
Go on a long disney cruise.
Buy a few vacation homes.
By lots of toys.
Any do a lot lot more. But that's just some fun stuff.

What would you do?!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012..

This year we were here in the Valley with The Hardy Clan.
We had dinner at G&G Hardy's house.
There was lots of food and good company.
I don't have any pictures cause I didn't take my camera.
Jessie had fun but didn't eat one thing, she was too busy playing.
We went over to my parents that afternoon.
And I was excited that when I got there they had a ham in their oven.
I love ham. Turkey is alright but ham on a roll is just yummy.
And I also had a whole pan of leftover stuffing so we had another little feast.
We went Black Friday shopping at wal-mart. It was crazy and people were rude. I'll still do it next year but it was a little disappointing to be waiting for something and have people just walk by and not wait and just throw it in their cart. The waiting and the crazyness is what makes it fun. I think its a fun way to bring in the Christmas season.
Cody went with me for awhile. He is on call this weekend so he couldn't stay too long. He thought it was nuts and I'm not sure if I will get him to go back.
Him and Jessie came home and I stayed for more shopping fun.
We got back to my parents about 11:00. And I was happy they had Costco Pumpkin Pie. Their pie is seriously my favorite and it's not thanksgiving with out it.
I'm thankful for:
My Parents

My Siblings
The Gospel
Diet Pepsi
Cody's Job
And much much more..

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

When I was about Jessie's age I dressed up as a pumpkin for halloween
so I thought it would be cute to dress her the same.
 She loved her pumpkin costume and was always so excited when she would see it hanging in her closet.
We just went around to Grandma Cindy, GG Waite, & GG Hardy.
Jessie had fun and loved being the center of attention.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


-I love that it's getting cold. Like I need a sweater cold. And shoes. Ya know the kind that you wear socks with. (Love sandals)

-That the holidays are coming!! It's gunna be a lot of fun playing 'Santa' this year! I'm so excited!!

-Exersice. I've been doing some Zumba and walking. Feels nice.

-Chips and Salsa. Oh so yummy.

-The reality show Tia and Tamera. The girls from Sister Sister. Kinda fun to watch them now and see them married and prego.

-Essenital Oils. I love my diffuser. And I do use lavendar at night. And I truly think it helps me sleep better.

-I finally got and iphone. Love it. But kinda feel like i'm always on it. Need to limit my time.

-Jessie is always saying 'owie' even if nothing is hurting her. She's a drama queen.

-That Cody got to go hunting this past weekend. They didn't get anything but he sure had fun.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Jessie vs Jessica

A couple weeks ago we were setting waiting for relief society to start. I was setting with my Hardy fam including Grandma Shirley.
Jessie was crying and starting to throw a fit and Grandma Shirley leaned forward and said 'Jessica'!
I kinda did a double take.. Like wha?? Her name is Jessie. It was kinda funny.
So this last week it has stuck.
When she is nice and being a sweetheart she is Jessie.
When she is being a pill and crying and pinching and biting she is Jessica.
Oh man this makes me laugh so much.
Everytime I go to call her Jessica I just laugh.
The name just doesn't fit her. Like at all.
I just hope I don't have to call her Jessica to much.
She might start to think that's her real name.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I worry..

I worry.
Yesterday Cody went out on the farm to do some tractor work
and of course Jessie wanted to go.
She loves to go with Cody out and about.
I went and got her after awhile and he said she slept most of the time.
Living here where there are lots of fields with tractors going and ditches full of water I get so freaked out.
And of course I always imagine the worst possible senerio.
I used to read all the sad blogs about people who have lost loved ones or children.
Oh how they made me worry more!!
I feel so bad for these people but I decided it would be best if I didn't read those sad posts.
And i've been doing better. Reading those posts would make me sad and want to just lay on the couch with Jessie and snuggle her 24/7.
So i've been trying to be more postive and filling my life with happy thoughts and not those sad worry-some thoughts.
Why am I so tired??
The last two day I can NOT set on the couch without falling asleep.
I'm going to blame it on the weekend. I love the weekend and the excuse it gives me to do nothing but watch old episodes of boy meets world.
Jessie oh Jessie.... You are so funny.
Lately Jessie had been throwing major temper tantrums. Like literally throwing herself on the floor face first and crying.
I'm hoping it's a phase and the terrible two's are not hitting this house way too early.
We have an offer in on a cute little cozy home. We have had our offer in since the end of July and are just patiently waiting for the bank to accept or reject our offer. It would be fun to be in before Chirstmas but I will be happy with whenever.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

3 ingredient pumpkin chocolate chip cookies..

With fall in the air I have been wanting pumpkin-ie stuff!
I love these cookies.
But, who doesn't love pumpkin chocolate chip cookies?!?!
Oh yeah.. My hubby!!
He likes them as long as there is no chocolate chip. Boo!
But I make them that way so he will eat them and I won't eat them all!!
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
1 Spice cake mix
1 small can of pumpkin
1 bag of chocolate chip (or however many you prefer;))
*Combine all ingredients. Bake on greased cookie sheet at 375 for 11 minutes.
*Makes about 3 dozen.
Oh and.. These cookies are not too bad for ya! Only 2 Points Plus per cookies on WW.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Guess what?!
I am doing something right.
Church has been so hard for me lately. Jessie is everywhere and I just wanna go home and let her be everywhere in the comfort of my own home.
I have every bulletin board memorized and I know who is on a mission, where they are, when their birthday is, and when they come home.
This past Sunday I took Jessie out before the sacrament.. She was walking around the foyer chatting away.
They brought out the bread and she happily had a piece (girl loves carbs!) and went back to chatting away.
Then they began the second sacrament prayer and she stopped talking/walking, closed her eyes, folded her arms, and bowed her head.
She even says amen.
We pray at meals and before bed but I didn't think she knew the pray at that time.
It was so funny.
I seriously bust up laughing and got funny stares from others.
But.. It made all my hall walking and frustration worth it.
She is learning how to pray.
How cool is that?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dangerous Dating Memories..

On Thursday night Cody and I went to dinner at my parents house and decided to catch a movie. Taken 2. Cody loves the first one so it was a must see.
If you love watching people try to kill each other.. I totally recommend it!
Anyways.. I went over to Mesquite early in the day due to a Dr appointment. So Cody drove his own vehicle over.
On our way home I started thinking back to when we were dating.
I was living in St. George so we only really saw each other on the weekend, we usually spent a lot of time together and had late nights.
I remember driving home around 2 in the morning.
Oh man.
Sometimes I don't know how I got home, I would get so tired!
I usually had a snack and a Diet Pepsi waiting in the car to try to keep myself aware and awake.
I don't know if any of you have driven up on the mesa at night time but there is a spot where it looks like cars are in your lane headed right your way. Oh my heavens. It scared the crap out of me. Needless to say I was wide awake after that.
Oh I was stupid.
Crazy things we do when we are 'smitten'.

I'm glad I now live in Logandale and don't have to worry about those late night drives....

Monday, October 8, 2012

Weight Watcher Good Finds.. (WWGF)

I missed WW this past week due to being super busy with family things.
But I remember the week before we talked about there being only 8 weeks until thanksgiving.
If I could lose 1 pound each week I could lose 8 pounds and have looser pants at thanksgiving dinner.
But what if I pushed myself and tried for 2 pounds a week.
I think it helps me to set small goals like that.
Here are a couple things I've been liking..
*Smart Ones Desserts*
These things seriously get me through my day. I just keep telling myself that if I'm good with my eating then I can have one for dessert.
The Cookie Dough ones are my fav.
*Mini Rice Krispie Treats*
Last week at my meeting my leader had some Halloween goodies and the mini rice krispie treats were one of them. I love rice krispies. And to be able to have a mini for 1 PP. I found them in the Halloween isle at walmart.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Homecoming 2012..

This past weekend it was homecoming in VV.
My parents were out of town so I got to go over and help my Sister get ready.
Brooke aka Lorna aka Edith aka Barbie went with her friend Martin.
 Jessie and I stayed over all weekend.
I got to take her to get her hair and makeup done.
 I think she was nervous because before her date arrived she said it was so hot inside the house.....
My parents house is always freeeeeezing.
 She had fun and we had fun helping her get ready for her first dance.
Love ya Lorna!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

15 Months!!

*J* is 15 Months old today!!
*Has 7 teeth
*Loves fruit, string cheese, gold fish, waffers, pasta, and apple juice.
*Loves to be outside and on the rhino or helping Dad around the yard.
*Hates getting her diaper changed.
*Loves to go into nursery and play as long as Cody and I are there too.
*Wears 12 & 18 Month clothing.
*Loves Disney Junior. She even sings the little Disney Jr theme song.
*Says Mom, Dad, Thank You, Broom Broom, Kitty, Hotdog, More, Baba, Grandpa, Bye Bye, Hi, And well Disney Jr.
*Has been much more clingy to me since staying home with me all day.
*Loves to go 'bye bye'.
*Loves shoes, necklaces, earings, and hair bows.
*Still loves the water.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weight Loss Struggle..

After trying to do hcg and lasting 5 days i've decided to go back to something I love.
Weight Watchers.
It works, it's healthy, I can still have what I like.
It's a life style change.
I can make my family meals that I can also eat and i'm not trying to cook 2 separate meals.
I rejoined WW last week. I haven't been doing too good but i'm going to keep going and trying,
I thought i'd share a couple things i've been loving lately..
*Strawberries* They are 0 points on WW. Score.
Jessie loves them so I like to keep them in the fridge.
Lately I have been putting *stevia in the raw* on them. (it's a natural sweetener) It leaves a sugary glaze on the strawberries. Very good.

*Crystal Light*
Anyone else have trouble getting their water amount in? I know I do.
I get sick of it very fast. Crystal light is only 5 calories and you just pour it into a water bottle. Easy and good.
*Happy healthy eating*

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Luke Bryan..

Last night Cody and I went to the Luke Bryan concert.
We went with my Sister, Kenadie and her bf, Brandt.
We are both retards and forgot camera's.
So I only got one picture.
My Parents got us the tickets for Kenadie's and Cody's birthday's!
We had good seats! (Thanks Parents:))
We went to The Cheesecake Factory before the concert.
We had a lot of fun Shakin' it for Luke.
He sure is good.... Lookin'.:)
Can't wait to go to another concert.

More Birthday Fun..

We had so much fun on Cody's birthday!
Even though he had to work
Jessie and I decorated the house a bit!
 Jessie and I got Cody a new ipod touch.
Jessie was playing with Cody's old one a few weeks ago and it broke.
No clue what happened, but it won't turn on.
But it was old. So it was nice to get something new!
 We went to The Inside Scoop for dinner.
And had cake and ice cream at home.
I made him a Butterfinger Carmel Cake.
It was good!
 Cody's parents and a couple of siblings came over to wish him a happy birthday too.
It was a good day!


I LOVE Cabbage Patch Kids!
I always got them growing up.
My mom even gave me on in highschool for christmas one year.
They are so cute and smell delish.
My grandma collected them.
 I was thrilled when Jessie got one from my aunt Abbe for my baby shower.
I thought it was the cutest gift!
I have had it in her closet until she was big enough to play with it.
The other day she came out of her room holding the box, trying to get my to open it.
So we opened it and she loves it!!
Her dolls name is Nataly Wendey.
She's kind of a hippie.:)
 So I think Jessie will be getting a Cabbage Patch every year from me for Christmas!
I think it will be a fun tradition.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Randoms about Mersadie Hardy..

It's 3:40 in the morning..
And i'm setting on the couch watching tv?!?!
I'm recovering from a cough and used up the last bit of nyquil last night.
So random facts about me....
-I love sleeping with limbs on top of covers.
-I love the rain. If it could be overcast 3-5 days per week. I'd be ok with that.
-I'm a tv junkie. Always have been. TLC is my favorite.
-I love ice cream when it's freezing cold out.
-I love Lindsey Lohan movie. Freaky Friday, Parent Trap, Mean Girls, Ect. I could watch them over and over again.
-I am blind. Seriously my eyes are horrible. I'm having a hard time seeing this because I don't have glasses on right now.
-I love to read. Anything and everything.
-I love to bake, but sometimes I don't eat what I make. Not that it's not good, just after spending all the time on it, I'm over it.
-I don't really care for traveling. Not too eager to go to Paris or anything extreme like that.
-I wish I could play the piano. Maybe I should of practiced harder while taking lessons in my younger years........
*Thanks for Reading*

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Today is Cody's 27th Birthday!
So here are 27 things I love about 'Sugie Bear'....
1. He is such a sweetheart
2.He is nice to everyone
3.He will go out of his way to help people
4.He's a handsome follow
5.He loves the gospel
6.And knows it true- without a doubt
7.He knows how to work
8.He is smart
9.He is so patient
10.He loves Jessie more than anything
11.His hair gets curly when it's long
12.He loves to be outside on the farm
13.He likes my family and has never complained about them
14.He remembers birthday's/anniversarys
15.The way he looks with his hat on backwards
16.He served a 2 year mission
17.He is a good listener
18.He wants a big family
19.He loves to vacation
20.He is a very good dad
21.He loves his family
22.He supports me in all I do
23.He helps me cook and clean
24.Not once has he complained about my cooking
25.He wears wranglers
26.He likes to hunt/fish/rhino ride
27.He's mine forever
Happy Birthday My Dear..
More to come on birthday fun later..

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Question #2..

Last Meal?? What would it be??
Cafe Rio shredded chicken salad.
Some chips and salsa.
Maybe a bite of pizza too.
Then end.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Being a Mom is hard.
Right now Jessie is trowing every dvd on the shelf on the floor.
Every time I tell her "No" she laughs.
This girl is seriously testing my patients this week.
I have had a head cold the last couple of days.
And.. I think that if I cough one more time my chest is going to burst open.

Jessie has not been sleeping.
Yesterday she woke up about 8:30 in the morning, didn't have a nap all day, and didn't go to bed until 9:30 pm.
The day before she took a two hour nap and didn't go to bed until 11:00 pm.
It's not that I don't try to get her to sleep. I do. She just cry's and cry's.
She used to do so well with naps and being layed down.
She loves her crip and all I have to do it lay her down with a bottle and her silky blanket and she's out.
Last night I got desperate and took her for a ride in the car. She fell asleep but woke up right when I tried getting her out of the car seat.
I hope she is just going through a phase or teething because I need some time to myself.
Nap time was a good time for me to do things I need to get done or just set and read or shower but when she doesn't nap I about go insane.
Today Cody text me and said his day was going so slow......
Excuse me? MY day is going so slow..... Jessie won't nap, I made her breakfast, and lunch, I don't think she took one single bite of either. She pulled all the dvd's off the shelf. While I thought she was playing in her room.. She was actually dumping baby powder all over the carpet that I just vacuumed five minutes previously. While I was on the phone trying to figure out why I got a bill that I wasn't responsible for she started screaming bloody murder because she couldn't get out of her car. She has climbed up onto the tv table and had put all her hand prints all over the just windexed tv......
She is just getting to that fun stage where she is into EVERYTHING.

But right now.. She's being a sweet heart and setting quietly watching Mickey.
Thank you Disney Jr.

Being a Mother is hard. But I wouldn't trade all the messes and hardships for anything.


Monday, September 10, 2012


I have seen people answer random questions on there blog.
Kind of as a get to know you type of thing.
So I googled some and decided i'd do some.
What does your name mean? Why were you named what you were named?
I feel like I get this question a lot.
And I wish I knew the anwer.
I have asked my mom before why they named me what they did.
Mersadie Nicole Lee.
NO! No 'S'.
My first and middle name are not family names.
Jessie has the middle name Nicole now too.
I guess my parents just liked the name:)
It's something original, and it's grown on me.
Thanks Ma & Pa!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pizza Pizza..

Pizza is defenitly one of my favorite foods!
Cody took me out for Pizza the other night to my FAVORITE pizza place. BELLA'S PIZZA.
We brought home the leftovers and Jessie liked it too!
Okay.... So maybe she ate more ranch.. This girl seriously loves ranch..

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Silky Blanket Luvers..

Cody always says Jessie has way too much of her Momma in her.
One of the things we have in common are....
We LOVE silky blankets.
 Every day when I make my bed Jessie comes in and gets my blanket at lays with it.
When I was in middle school (I believe) a family friend gave me a silky blanket she got for her wedding and didn't want anymore.
I sleep with the blanket EVERY night.
It came on our honeymoon.
It comes camping with us.
It goes on vacation with us.
If I go stay at my mom's it also comes.
It doesn't really match my bed. It's a yellow color.
But it sets at the foot of my bed. Always.
 Jessie also has a silky blanket.
She sleeps with it every night.
And it also comes with us every where we go.
When she was younger I would rub it on her forehead. And Bam. She was half asleep.
There ya have it.. A weird love for silky blankets.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

High School Memories..

With school starting up and having 2 Sister's in highschool I have been thinking about my highschool memories..
The good, The bad, And yes, The ugly.
 I graduated from highschool in 2009.
I had the BEST class.
Most of the kids I had known since Kindergarten.
How cool is that??
To grow up with the same kids, see the differance in all of them and have lots of memories.

 Some of my favorite memories:
*Volleyball. I played freshman, sophmore, and junior year. I made so many friends. We had so many laughs and fun bus rides.
*Football games. Yea, the were pretty much my life. I was the spirit club president my senior year. I loved to set in the student section and start cheers and be loud with all the other students. We were always making posters and signs for the players. My parents are hardcore football fans. (still are) and so we would travel far to watch our teams. We even traveled to reno and trukee to watch the boys play.
*School Dances. Who doesn't love getting all prettied up for a dance? Even though I HATE dancing it was still fun.
*Driving. I lived in Bunkerville so it was fun to race to school with the other kids. There are two ways to get to the school from Bunkerville so it was fun to see who would get there faster from the way that they would take.
*Senior Year. I didn't have many classes but it was exciting because so many changes in life were about to happen. And seniors rule the school right??

Now.. I am married with a pretty baby girl. Life has changed so much.
I hope someday I will be able to relate to my kids with there teenager ways..
Probably not. Ha.
Life has also changed because I am rooting for the wrong team.
I was raised green and white.
And now I'm supposed to put on a blue and gold shirt and cheer?
It's like telling me I can't be Mormon anymore and I need to go to Mass.
Ok. Maybe not that drastic.
But.. It is werid.
Hopefully I can get used to it before Jessie hits Highschool........