Wednesday, September 26, 2012

15 Months!!

*J* is 15 Months old today!!
*Has 7 teeth
*Loves fruit, string cheese, gold fish, waffers, pasta, and apple juice.
*Loves to be outside and on the rhino or helping Dad around the yard.
*Hates getting her diaper changed.
*Loves to go into nursery and play as long as Cody and I are there too.
*Wears 12 & 18 Month clothing.
*Loves Disney Junior. She even sings the little Disney Jr theme song.
*Says Mom, Dad, Thank You, Broom Broom, Kitty, Hotdog, More, Baba, Grandpa, Bye Bye, Hi, And well Disney Jr.
*Has been much more clingy to me since staying home with me all day.
*Loves to go 'bye bye'.
*Loves shoes, necklaces, earings, and hair bows.
*Still loves the water.

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