Tuesday, September 4, 2012

High School Memories..

With school starting up and having 2 Sister's in highschool I have been thinking about my highschool memories..
The good, The bad, And yes, The ugly.
 I graduated from highschool in 2009.
I had the BEST class.
Most of the kids I had known since Kindergarten.
How cool is that??
To grow up with the same kids, see the differance in all of them and have lots of memories.

 Some of my favorite memories:
*Volleyball. I played freshman, sophmore, and junior year. I made so many friends. We had so many laughs and fun bus rides.
*Football games. Yea, the were pretty much my life. I was the spirit club president my senior year. I loved to set in the student section and start cheers and be loud with all the other students. We were always making posters and signs for the players. My parents are hardcore football fans. (still are) and so we would travel far to watch our teams. We even traveled to reno and trukee to watch the boys play.
*School Dances. Who doesn't love getting all prettied up for a dance? Even though I HATE dancing it was still fun.
*Driving. I lived in Bunkerville so it was fun to race to school with the other kids. There are two ways to get to the school from Bunkerville so it was fun to see who would get there faster from the way that they would take.
*Senior Year. I didn't have many classes but it was exciting because so many changes in life were about to happen. And seniors rule the school right??

Now.. I am married with a pretty baby girl. Life has changed so much.
I hope someday I will be able to relate to my kids with there teenager ways..
Probably not. Ha.
Life has also changed because I am rooting for the wrong team.
I was raised green and white.
And now I'm supposed to put on a blue and gold shirt and cheer?
It's like telling me I can't be Mormon anymore and I need to go to Mass.
Ok. Maybe not that drastic.
But.. It is werid.
Hopefully I can get used to it before Jessie hits Highschool........

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  1. Once a Bulldog always a Bulldog girl!! And don't you forget it! Sissy loves green too:)