Saturday, September 22, 2012


I LOVE Cabbage Patch Kids!
I always got them growing up.
My mom even gave me on in highschool for christmas one year.
They are so cute and smell delish.
My grandma collected them.
 I was thrilled when Jessie got one from my aunt Abbe for my baby shower.
I thought it was the cutest gift!
I have had it in her closet until she was big enough to play with it.
The other day she came out of her room holding the box, trying to get my to open it.
So we opened it and she loves it!!
Her dolls name is Nataly Wendey.
She's kind of a hippie.:)
 So I think Jessie will be getting a Cabbage Patch every year from me for Christmas!
I think it will be a fun tradition.

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