Thursday, September 6, 2012

Silky Blanket Luvers..

Cody always says Jessie has way too much of her Momma in her.
One of the things we have in common are....
We LOVE silky blankets.
 Every day when I make my bed Jessie comes in and gets my blanket at lays with it.
When I was in middle school (I believe) a family friend gave me a silky blanket she got for her wedding and didn't want anymore.
I sleep with the blanket EVERY night.
It came on our honeymoon.
It comes camping with us.
It goes on vacation with us.
If I go stay at my mom's it also comes.
It doesn't really match my bed. It's a yellow color.
But it sets at the foot of my bed. Always.
 Jessie also has a silky blanket.
She sleeps with it every night.
And it also comes with us every where we go.
When she was younger I would rub it on her forehead. And Bam. She was half asleep.
There ya have it.. A weird love for silky blankets.

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