Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jessie has starting to stand up to everything! Here is a video of her starting to walk with her walking music toy..

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Sorry about my lack of blogging as of lately. I've spent my time working and chasing around a crazy almost 9 month old!
She looooves the water. I was watering the flowerbed and so we tried to let her take a sip outta the hose. She loved it so we let her play with the hose. She got soaken wet and loved every minute of it. She screamed when we turned it off.
I think we will be living at the pool this summer!!
Jessie is crawing up on all fours and is getting into everything she's not allowed to play with.. Her favorite toys consist of the tv remote, my cell phone (she is constantly calling people so sorry if you get random calls from me. She loves to call Ashley Whetman. lol. Maybe she wants to talk to Ty?) Any of our cable/tv cords, the dvd player, and I even found her standing next to the toilet the other day.
She is standing in her crib now too! I went in to get her from a nap and was very surpised to see her standing there. Daddy had to lower the crib.
She is starting to eat more food off of our plates. She likes straberries, wafffles, cheetos, gerber puffs, bread, graham crakers, and much much more.
Such a fun age!
Cody and I have been busy working and trying to have some fun! Cody took his test for schooling a couple weeks ago and passed with flying colors! He is now a 2nd year apprentice lineman.
Cody also got the garden planted. We planted tomato's, carrots, and radishes. I am excited for some garden tomato's Yum!!

Hope everyone is doing well!!