Saturday, April 26, 2014

One Month!

At one month Crue....
*Is still in newborn clothes and wearing newborn diapers
*Still has all of his hair
*Has dark blue eyes
*Wakes up 1-2 times per night
*Falls right to sleep in the car
*Weighs 10lbs 15oz & is 23 1/2 inches long
*Likes to be held, rocked, and bounced
*Takes the binkie
*Has started to smile a little bit
*Enjoys bath time
*Is co-sleeping and breastfeeding
*Looks more like daddy most days

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter 2014

*We had lunch at G&G Hardy's house followed by an Easter egg hunt with cousins.
*Eggs were dyed. And maybe Jessie's hands too.
*The Easter bunny found the kids. 
*Crue didn't even notice.

*The kids sported their new church clothes to church.
*We had a yummy quiet family dinner.
I love my little family so much. I'm so grateful for His sacrifice so that I can be with them for eternity.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fair 2014

Another year at the fair has come and gone!
This year the weather was really nice too.
Jessie enjoyed the rides and Cody and I enjoyed the food.
 Jessie of course had a blast on the little ponies!
We got her face painted and when we seen they had a shark option we knew it was fate for our shark obsessed girl!

The Big Sister

Jessie has really surprised me with how well she has adjusted to having a baby around the house.
She really loves him and doesn't like when people say that they are going to take him home.
He is her baby and she loves him.
She really enjoys holding him and asks to do so a lot.
I hope they will always be close and love each other.