Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weight Loss Struggle..

After trying to do hcg and lasting 5 days i've decided to go back to something I love.
Weight Watchers.
It works, it's healthy, I can still have what I like.
It's a life style change.
I can make my family meals that I can also eat and i'm not trying to cook 2 separate meals.
I rejoined WW last week. I haven't been doing too good but i'm going to keep going and trying,
I thought i'd share a couple things i've been loving lately..
*Strawberries* They are 0 points on WW. Score.
Jessie loves them so I like to keep them in the fridge.
Lately I have been putting *stevia in the raw* on them. (it's a natural sweetener) It leaves a sugary glaze on the strawberries. Very good.

*Crystal Light*
Anyone else have trouble getting their water amount in? I know I do.
I get sick of it very fast. Crystal light is only 5 calories and you just pour it into a water bottle. Easy and good.
*Happy healthy eating*

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