Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Today is Cody's 27th Birthday!
So here are 27 things I love about 'Sugie Bear'....
1. He is such a sweetheart
2.He is nice to everyone
3.He will go out of his way to help people
4.He's a handsome follow
5.He loves the gospel
6.And knows it true- without a doubt
7.He knows how to work
8.He is smart
9.He is so patient
10.He loves Jessie more than anything
11.His hair gets curly when it's long
12.He loves to be outside on the farm
13.He likes my family and has never complained about them
14.He remembers birthday's/anniversarys
15.The way he looks with his hat on backwards
16.He served a 2 year mission
17.He is a good listener
18.He wants a big family
19.He loves to vacation
20.He is a very good dad
21.He loves his family
22.He supports me in all I do
23.He helps me cook and clean
24.Not once has he complained about my cooking
25.He wears wranglers
26.He likes to hunt/fish/rhino ride
27.He's mine forever
Happy Birthday My Dear..
More to come on birthday fun later..

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  1. Happy Birthday to the best son in law ever!! Love you guys:) You found yourself a nice catch girl! Who do you have to thank for that?? :)