Wednesday, October 31, 2012


-I love that it's getting cold. Like I need a sweater cold. And shoes. Ya know the kind that you wear socks with. (Love sandals)

-That the holidays are coming!! It's gunna be a lot of fun playing 'Santa' this year! I'm so excited!!

-Exersice. I've been doing some Zumba and walking. Feels nice.

-Chips and Salsa. Oh so yummy.

-The reality show Tia and Tamera. The girls from Sister Sister. Kinda fun to watch them now and see them married and prego.

-Essenital Oils. I love my diffuser. And I do use lavendar at night. And I truly think it helps me sleep better.

-I finally got and iphone. Love it. But kinda feel like i'm always on it. Need to limit my time.

-Jessie is always saying 'owie' even if nothing is hurting her. She's a drama queen.

-That Cody got to go hunting this past weekend. They didn't get anything but he sure had fun.

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