Monday, October 8, 2012

Weight Watcher Good Finds.. (WWGF)

I missed WW this past week due to being super busy with family things.
But I remember the week before we talked about there being only 8 weeks until thanksgiving.
If I could lose 1 pound each week I could lose 8 pounds and have looser pants at thanksgiving dinner.
But what if I pushed myself and tried for 2 pounds a week.
I think it helps me to set small goals like that.
Here are a couple things I've been liking..
*Smart Ones Desserts*
These things seriously get me through my day. I just keep telling myself that if I'm good with my eating then I can have one for dessert.
The Cookie Dough ones are my fav.
*Mini Rice Krispie Treats*
Last week at my meeting my leader had some Halloween goodies and the mini rice krispie treats were one of them. I love rice krispies. And to be able to have a mini for 1 PP. I found them in the Halloween isle at walmart.

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