Saturday, October 20, 2012

I worry..

I worry.
Yesterday Cody went out on the farm to do some tractor work
and of course Jessie wanted to go.
She loves to go with Cody out and about.
I went and got her after awhile and he said she slept most of the time.
Living here where there are lots of fields with tractors going and ditches full of water I get so freaked out.
And of course I always imagine the worst possible senerio.
I used to read all the sad blogs about people who have lost loved ones or children.
Oh how they made me worry more!!
I feel so bad for these people but I decided it would be best if I didn't read those sad posts.
And i've been doing better. Reading those posts would make me sad and want to just lay on the couch with Jessie and snuggle her 24/7.
So i've been trying to be more postive and filling my life with happy thoughts and not those sad worry-some thoughts.
Why am I so tired??
The last two day I can NOT set on the couch without falling asleep.
I'm going to blame it on the weekend. I love the weekend and the excuse it gives me to do nothing but watch old episodes of boy meets world.
Jessie oh Jessie.... You are so funny.
Lately Jessie had been throwing major temper tantrums. Like literally throwing herself on the floor face first and crying.
I'm hoping it's a phase and the terrible two's are not hitting this house way too early.
We have an offer in on a cute little cozy home. We have had our offer in since the end of July and are just patiently waiting for the bank to accept or reject our offer. It would be fun to be in before Chirstmas but I will be happy with whenever.

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  1. i am that mother too...the one who worries non stop and pictures every worst case possible. its ok though...just exhausting.
    your just a good mama