Friday, October 26, 2012

Jessie vs Jessica

A couple weeks ago we were setting waiting for relief society to start. I was setting with my Hardy fam including Grandma Shirley.
Jessie was crying and starting to throw a fit and Grandma Shirley leaned forward and said 'Jessica'!
I kinda did a double take.. Like wha?? Her name is Jessie. It was kinda funny.
So this last week it has stuck.
When she is nice and being a sweetheart she is Jessie.
When she is being a pill and crying and pinching and biting she is Jessica.
Oh man this makes me laugh so much.
Everytime I go to call her Jessica I just laugh.
The name just doesn't fit her. Like at all.
I just hope I don't have to call her Jessica to much.
She might start to think that's her real name.

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