Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Guess what?!
I am doing something right.
Church has been so hard for me lately. Jessie is everywhere and I just wanna go home and let her be everywhere in the comfort of my own home.
I have every bulletin board memorized and I know who is on a mission, where they are, when their birthday is, and when they come home.
This past Sunday I took Jessie out before the sacrament.. She was walking around the foyer chatting away.
They brought out the bread and she happily had a piece (girl loves carbs!) and went back to chatting away.
Then they began the second sacrament prayer and she stopped talking/walking, closed her eyes, folded her arms, and bowed her head.
She even says amen.
We pray at meals and before bed but I didn't think she knew the pray at that time.
It was so funny.
I seriously bust up laughing and got funny stares from others.
But.. It made all my hall walking and frustration worth it.
She is learning how to pray.
How cool is that?

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