Thursday, December 6, 2012


Today has been a bad day.
It really needs to be over. Like NOW.
Jessie has totally pushed me over my limits.
She has NOT been sleeping over the last two days. Goes to be late late and gets up early early. With no naps.
Leaving me no 'Me time' or no 'I'm going to set my butt on the couch and not move time'.
This morning she was up early and I was sooooo tired. So we laid in bed with cartoons on and I dozed. Jessie does not like when I doze.
She was slapping me in the face. Pulling my hair. Setting on my face. Ect.
So I pulled myself out of bed.
I started picking up house with her in tow pulling out everything I had just put away.
I get in the shower and while I think she is playing with babies she is actually is putting my towel in the toilet.
Jessie's turn to get in the bath and she gets her bath cup and throws water all over me.
She loves Cheese. So I cut her a slice and she chews it up and spits it all over the kitchen floor.
I love the girl to death but sometimes she drives me completely up thee wall.

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