Monday, December 3, 2012

Updates on the Hardy's..

This little blog of mine has been lacking pictures..
Well thats cause I haven't been talking any..
They say you have tons of pictures of your first child and then start taking less and less of the kiddies as you get more..
Well mine are going to be lucky if they get any.
I like to enjoy the moments and not worry about snapping pictures.
Jessie will be 18 months on the 26th!
HOORAY for nursery!
I have been taking her in lately and she does really well, I just hope it stays that way when I leave her.
She is talking so much. I love that I can almost have a converstaion with her and she can tell me what she wants.
Some of the words she has been saying are.. Please, Cheese, Truck, Shoes, Juice, Papa, Bronco, KiKi, Banana. Just to name a few.
She loves watching cartoons. A few of her favorites are.. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jungle Junction, Doc Mcstuffins, and Higley Town Heros.
She even watched Barney the other day and did well with it.
She is eating well and loves fruit.
She has been telling me when she poops so i'm hoping we will be able to potty train sooner rather than later.
She loves being outside with Cody and loves to go for rides in the Truck.
Cody is doing good. He has been loving to cooler weather.
Yesterday he got a new church calling. He is now the teachers quarm advisor. He doesn't like being in charge but I think he will do great.
He was already in the young mens so he will be working with the same group of boys.
He went hunting this past weekend with his brother and some friends they didn't get anything but they had a good time.
I am doing good and still loving being home.
It has been good because we have gotten on a good schedule.
It makes my life so much easier!!!!!
I have been trying to be crafty. I got out my sewing machine that Cody got me last Christmas and have been practicing doing some stiches. So hopefully someday I will be able to make a quilt.
I have been so ocd lately. I hate when the house is messy. I feel like i'm picking up all day but thats ok cause I would go nutso if my house was a mess.
I have been loving putting up my christmas decor. I feel like I just keep putting up more and more junk. My house just might look like "Buddy the Elf" came to decorate by the end of the month.:)

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