Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our weekend

This past weekend was a pretty chill weekend. I worked on saturday morning and Cody was on call all weekend so we didn't have any plans. Which was quite nice. On Friday we just hung out and went to the scoop for dinner. Yum. (And no dishes!) Saturday I went to work and then came home and hung out some more.:) Saturday Morning while I was at work Cody washed his truck. Of course.. Cause then the clouds rolled in.:) It sprinkled just enough to ruin his nice washing job.
When I took the picture of the truck Cody asked me if I was putting the truck up for sale.. Oh dear..

Saturday afternoon we went to Wally's for a drink and decided to go for a drive. So we went to the pasture to see if there were any baby cows. The cows are expecting babies any time. None. But on the plus side I learned a lot about cows. Oh man, so glad i'm not a cow. Cody explained a lot of the different things about cows, birth, the bull, and the butcher.
My response to these things.. HOLY COW..
(Literally..) Ha.

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