Friday, January 13, 2012

6 Months Old!!

This Little Lady has offically hit the 6 Month Mark!!
She is such a character and has a crazy little personality!Here are some Stats:*16 lbs 13 oz
*26.2 inches long
*Says Dadadadada
*Sleeps in her own bed (for the most part all night)
*Loooves food. Eats baby food 2 times a day and gets apple juice once a day
*Loves to be outside
*Is army crawling all over
*Loves to be the center of attention
*Growls and talks to whoever will listen
*Has stopped spitting up so much
*Takes two good naps a day (Usually)
*Hates to get dressed. Loves to be naked
*Is starting to wave 'bye bye'
*Rolls forward and backward
Jessie is such a good baby! We are glad she is ours to keep forever and ever!

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