Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Resolutions..

Resoultions are something that I always set come the beginning of the year..
And well..... They are pretty much the same every year!!

1. Lose my extra weight.. I think this is everyones resolution! I have lost most of my pregnancy weight. Now I just need to lose my extra post marrige weight.. My post high school weight.. Pretty much goes back to my baby weight.. This will be my year!!!!!

2. Be better about scripture reading and FHE. I've read the BOM once. But it was pretty much cause I was assigned to in Seminary. I want to read it together with Cody. I think he is so smart. He's my go to gospel questions dude. Plus I think it would be good for us to read it together. What do I even do for FHE with a 6 month old?? I guess we will figure it out.

3. Try to be a better person. This isn't really a resolution but it's a goal I try to use daily.

I think three resolutions is a good number.

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