Friday, September 2, 2011


I am so obsessed with abcfamily's original series PRETTY LITTLE LIARS!!

The third season just ended. And of course left me with lots of questions.

Its a murder mystery series.

Cody looked up the spoilers online, so now he teases me that he knows who 'A' is and what happens through out the rest of the show.

The other night I was teasing him.. And he looked at me and said.. "If you don't stop I'm going to tell you who A is."

I'm so antsy to see what happens. So I started the books! I love to read so it's a win win situation!

To be honest.. I don't really know why I love it.. It gives me nightmares way too much!

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  1. I am starting them as soon as I am done with the book I am reading now, I cant wait to know who A is and it scares the crap of me too and gives me nightmares. After the last episode I woke kyle up screaming cause A was after me!!!!