Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jessie the Big Sis!

We are so excited to announce baby Hardy #2 will be joining our family in March 2014! 
I am so grateful to be blessed with another baby, and I'm a little nervous too. With Jessie being in her 'terrible twos' it makes things a little scary to think about doing this again with another child, knowing ever child is different and has different ways and personalities. I'm so curious to see who this child is, how they act, who they look like, will it nap? Etc. Going from one to two will be an adjustment, but I am so excited to do it again.
Cody is really excited too. I think he is hoping for a little 'hunting buddy'.  We find out the gender on Nov 1st. I personally think it will be a girl, but would love to have a boy too.
Jessie has no clue what's happening. Haha. We try to explain it to her but she really is just too busy to listen.;) I ordered her some 'Big Sis' books so we will start reading those soon.
I have been feeling pretty good. Some days are worse than others. Luckily I am out of that first trimester so the sickness is fading away. I am trying to be healthier this pregnancy and not gain 45 pounds again! I'm grateful for cooler weather and being able to go for walks and be outside!
We love this baby so much already and can't wait to meet him/her in about 162 days! (Holy cow that's a lot of days!!)

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  1. I am soooo excited for you guys and i think i might possible be even more excited then you are about finding out the gender. its my favorite part of EVERYONES pregnancies. lol ok i know i am weird! xoxo