Monday, September 13, 2010


Us going into the park!
Cody on the beach.

California Adventures all lit up for the glow fest!

Welp. I wish I had pictures of our fabulous honeymoon. But I don't. Us, being the smarties that we are left the camera at home. I did write down the stuff that we did each day. The pictures that I did put up were just from my cell phone.

We decided to stay at our house the night of the wedding and head to california the next day. So we drove down there on saturday and checked into our hotel. It was so nice! We relaxed and got settled and cleaned up and went out for our favorite, Mexican food! We seen a place that looked really good in a pamphlet in our room so we went to find it. It was scary so I decided we should go elsewhere. We had Don Jose. It wasn't no Los Lupes, but it was good.

The second day that we were there we went to Disneyland all day. Our free shuttle from the hotel dropped us off at 10:45 am and picked us up and 10:15 that night. We were so tired! But it was so worth it. I love Disney!

The third day we decided to take a break from Disneyland and head to the beach. Cody had never been to the beach in his whole 24 years so it was fun to be there with him. We only stayed for an hour or so. It was windy and the water was cold so we decided to go back to the hotel and swim there. Later that afternoon we went and saw Toy Story 3, which I loved, and ate some Buffalo Wild Wings. Oh and how can I forget. This was a monday night so we had to be back to the hotel by 8 pm to watch the bachelorette. :)

And on our last two days we went to Disneyland for some more magical fun!
On Thurday we headed for home. We had dinner at Jim & Cindy's with them and my family and then we came back to our house and opened all of our wonderful wedding gifts!

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