Monday, May 9, 2011


I feel like all I do is post about my Dr. appointments. I promise we do have other things going on, but I can't find the camera cord to upload any pictures. So until I go buy a new cord i'll do a baby update. I went to the Dr. last week and everything is going good. I was at the Dr.'s office for like ten minutes. I gained five pounds in the past month and we now go for visits every two weeks so we are getting closer. I am starting to feel really tired and lazy. I don't wanna do anything. I pee a lot and have a hard time tieing my shoes or putting on underwear/pants. I have been pretty lucky and have had only one bad sleepless night (knock on wood). My back is hurting a lot and have had some bad stomach cramps, my Dr. thought that they were braxton hicks. I haven't had any crazy cravings. I still love icecream and subway sandwiches. Pregnancy is staring to be not so much fun, but i'm sure our little girl will be worth it all.:)

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  1. She will be worth ever pain you go through!!! I cant wait to see her! We are now living WAY closer and we need to get together! you need to see little braxton in action ( you need to be prepared) LOVE YA, xoxo Bailey