Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gone Campin'..

We went on our first family camping trip a couple weeks ago!

We headed up to my dad's property by strawberry point on cedar mountain. It happed to be Duck Creek Days. So it was pretty busy up there.

We got some yummy ribbon fries topped with chili and cheese. We also got some old fashioned soda. It was super delish!

I never let Cody take pictures with me and the baby pretty much cause I always look like crap. But I decided I need to start so we have them for memories.

We stayed in our toy hauler. It was nice. I'm not a big camping type of gal, but I better get used to it cause my husband is a big fan.

I was too scared to sleep on the bunk beds so Jessie and I slept on the little couch beds. They weren't too bad. Much better than sleeping on the top bunk and possibly rolling off or sleeping on the second bunk and feeling so costrophobic, it was like being in a coffin! Well.. Not like i've been in one.. but you catch my flow.

Cody let Jessie lick and M&M. I think she liked it. Maybe just a little bit.;)

We had a nice time! And it was great to get out of this blistering heat for a night.

We hope to go back soon.

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