Saturday, June 9, 2012

Random Updates..

Hello to all my blogger friends. I am sad to say I have gone far too long with out and update.. Again!
Welp. I don't have any pictures to post. My camera is dead. I guess I need to get some batteries.
We haven't been up to much.

We have a newly remodeled bathroom.. Post will come soon about that.

Jessie has 5 teeth. She has been a trooper. She has gotten fevers, runny poops, and wants to just set in the rocking chair with Mom or Dad and watch t.v, sleep, and cuddle. She is back to her old self and is into EVERYTHING. She isn't walking yet. Cody is always trying to get her to walk. I will try to get her to sometimes, but i'm kinda not pushing the issue too much. It will happen when it happens. She will be ONE this month. Crazy. She hates, hates, hates getting dressed. She will do anything possible to squirm away from me. She still loves the bath and she loves strawberries.

I am doing good and am loving being home more with her. I am only working two days a week. It's very nice! I am glad to be here at home and watch her grow. I have been reading like no other. I seriously can't get enough. I've been reading a lds series by Anita Stansfield, it's so good!

Cody is hating the heat and can't wait until fall. I seriously don't know how he does it. I die walking from the car to the house. I'm so thankful for him and his job being so supportive so that i'm able to stay home as much as I do. He's been picking us lots of yummy tomato's from his little garden. Home grown tomato's are the best!

Next week we celebrate two years of being married.. Pretty crazy.. Couldn't be happier!

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