Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cody goes hunting in Texas..

For Christmas my parents got Cody a trip to go to a Ranch down in Texas that my Uncle Ron helps with.
He was super excited because he hasn't done something like this before.
 He had so much fun with my dad, bro, and Chucky.
And he said he would recommend it to anyone and plans on going back again!
 When he told me how he shot this animal and hit it in the wrong spot so it didn't die quick and he went up to it and slit it's throat I pretty much lost it.
That sounds horrible!!
Poor little animal.
I don't mind if Cody hunts, but I won't eat the meat or I won't be going with him!! So not my cup of tea!
I'm glad that he got to go and he had a great time doing something that he loves to do!
Thanks Parents!

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