Monday, February 4, 2013


I am happy because..
It's almost time for Cody to come home, Mondays suck!
We are having meatloaf for dinner.
Jessie is back to sleeping in her bed and not with Cody and I.
The weather has been so nice.
I am in a reading mood.
The bachelor is on two nights this week.

I am sad because..
Jessie is getting way too big.
Summer is near.
My head has been pounding!

I am weird because..
I love A1 sauce on my mac&cheese.
I love folding laundry.
I really enjoy going grocery shopping.
Vacuum lines on the carpet relaxes me.
I could set in the bath tub every single night.
I would much rather be at home than out and about.
I really enjoyed being pregnant with Jessie.

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