Monday, February 11, 2013

Playing outside..

The weather here has been so nice!
(Well aside from this past weekend, it was cold!)
 Jessie and I have taken advantage of it!
On the day I took these pictures it was pretty warm!
We didn't even wear shoes!
 We even went to the park last week.
And we try to go on a walk everyday!
I love walking. It seriously is great!
 She got pretty sick of my trying to get some good pictures of her!
Jessie has been teething so she has been super grouchy.
Those mollars are a pain!!
And.... We are both sick. AGAIN! I woke up sunday with a super sore throat. And then the cough came and Jessie has the same.
That makes like seriously 4 colds over the past couple of months.
Jessie loves toy story. She will set and watch the whole movie. 1,2, and 3.
It's really helpful when i'm trying to get stuff done.
And lately she has really been liking Tangled. She loves the 'pincess', as she would say.

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