Saturday, February 15, 2014

34 Week Bumpdate

*Picture taken at 32 weeks.
I've been feeling pretty good!
*Baby is the size of a cantaloupe. Actually he is bigger. At my last appointment I measured two weeks ahead. So do I get to have him early?? Noooo.... Says Mr. Doc. I'll probably just have a bigger baby. Oh great..
*I haven't been craving anything too bizarre. Mostly normal foods. Although last week at church I really wanted a sausage, egg, grilled cheese. I've never actually eaten one of these, but it was sure good on Monday for dinner!
*I haven't really let myself get the room ready but I've done a few small things like hang up some wall décor and curtains. I'll wait a couple more weeks before washing his clothes and getting his bedding all set up.
*Naming a child is hard. We have had a name for a boy picked out since we were engaged. But trying to figure out a middle name and questions said name has been making me a bit crazy.
*Um. I have to push out a child in like 6ish weeks. Can I freak out now? Oh wait. I've done that. I really can't think about it too much or panic sets in. Can't he just stay in there? It's scary to me that he has to come out somehow. Getting him from belly to hands is causing me some meltdowns. I know I know. I've done it before, I should know what to expect.. That's the problem. I DO know what to expect. My birth plan? Drugs ASAP. I'm a woos.
*I'm really not too nervous about taking care of two kiddies. I probably should be more worried about it than I am. But I'm excited to have two and see them interact. Jessie still talks about the baby and says his name. I hope she likes him when he comes.
*I go to the doc this week and then we start our weekly visits from here on out. Eekkk. I really love going to the doc and am sad that my pregnancy is almost over and I won't get to see the doc anymore. He's awesome. Ok and maybe I'm a little sad I won't have my jimmy john's/swig at least once a month guarantee.
*Cody had been awesome like usual. He wants me to rest and relax most of the time and will rub, scratch, and said he'd even help me shave if needed. (Don't worry we haven't gotten to that point.. yet.)
*I haven't been a crazy nester. Just a few small projects here and there and I've kept up on my housework and laundry, but no scrubbing the tile with a toothbrush thus far.

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