Saturday, March 29, 2014

Crue's Birth Story

*35 week appointment: Dr. did strep B test and checked my cervix. I am dilated 2cm and 50% effaced.
*36 week appointment: I am dilated 3cm and 75% effaced.
*37 week appointment: Everything is still the same.
*38 week appointment: Oh.. It's still the same.
*39 week appointment: Still 3cm and 80% effaced. My Dr. scheduled an induction for the following Tuesday (3.25.14) but says he thinks I'm getting close to going into labor on my own.
Friday March 21, 2014: We had a pretty chill day at home. It's Cody day off so we went on a rzr ride to the park and let Jessie play. On the way back home I asked Cody if he was trying to kill me with all the bumps he was hitting. That evening we also went on a pretty good walk.
Before bed I wasn't really feeling well but didn't really think anything was going to happen that night. We went to bed and I was having a hard time falling asleep.
Around 1 am I got my first lovely contraction as I was starting to fall asleep. Of course it completely woke me up and I sat and waited for another one to follow. What do ya know.. 10 minutes later there was another one. I tried to wake Cody up but he didn't wanna wake. I waited for another and then woke him up. I was worried I was being crazy and this wasn't the real thing. Cody wanted to take a shower so he hopped in. By this point I knew we needed to go. Cody called his Mom and she came over to stay with Jessie.
1:50 am: We were pulling out of the valley heading to St. George. Contractions were now 6 minutes apart but weren't too strong yet. Blake Shelton came on the radio and I tried to focus on the music and just breathe.
Cody drove well over the speed limit and the drive wasn't too bad.
We got to the hospital and got asked all 43,289 questions they ask before even checking your cervix. The nurse finally checked me and said..
"Oh wow.. You're 7cm. Did you want an epidural?"
I of couse did. They moved me to a room got my iv in (after 3 blown veins.. Ouch!) and called the medicine man. He was in the room next door and would be there shortly.
I was completely panicked. I was so scared I wasn't going to be able to get the epidural. My contractions were still 6 minutes apart so I was doing ok but really wanted the juice for the delivery.
He came and did wonderfully. My legs went warm and numb and I didn't feel another contraction.
My nurse checked my again and I was 9+ cm dilated so she went and called my Dr. and he came and broke my water. I was then prepped for labor and started pushing when a contraction came. Two contractions later and Baby Boy was here. He had the cord wrapped around his neck 3 times!!
It was seriously such a quick labor and delivery.
I am so grateful that everything went well and we have a super sweet healthy boy.
We are so blessed.
 Crue James Hardy
March 22, 2014 6:05 am
8lbs 6oz 21 inches

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