Saturday, July 9, 2011

A bunch of randomness..

Welp.. This is totally how I wanted to spent my Saturday night.. Alone with no power.. Well I guess I'm not totally alone.. Jessie has been here.. Very hungry and fussy.. She just fell asleep.. So lets blog shall we?!
I love love love rain storms. Thunder, lightening, pouring rain, I love it! Until.... I met this handsome fellow named Cody Hardy who just happens to work for the power company!! Yep, he's at work, in this storm, fixing the power.... on my Saturday night! Don't love that rain so much anymore. At least his pay check will be extra.:) That's a major plus!

This is Jessie on her first Fourth of July. My mom got her this dress. It's a little big. But she still looks super cute!!

Last night we took Jessie on her first rhino ride. Cody has been itching to take her out. We went to Grandpa Jim and Grandma Cindy's for her first visit over there also! We took her out by the arena to see the Horses.

Jessie and Daddy on the Rhino ready to go.

On the day of my baby shower Cody went with my dad and brothers up to St. George to Outback Steak House and Sportsmans and he came home with this little pink and camo outfit. He gave it to me when I was opening the rest of my gifts. So today I asked if he could get Jessie an outfit to wear and he came back with this one. I thought it was kinda funny. He also has another camo outfit for when shes a little bigger.

I love seeing Cody as a dad. He is so natural at it and he helps me so much! I honestly couldn't do it with out him. He is so patient and loving with her and he never complains about changing a poopy diaper or getting be a bottle or anything. He's awesome and I'm so grateful to have him forever!

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  1. I love the camo!!
    I know how you feel about the rain storms, every time i see one coming I just prepare for Kyle to go out!
    And they worked a ton this last weekend!!!