Sunday, July 8, 2012

1 Year!!

 Jessie turned one on Tuesday June 26th! I was lucky to be able to take the day off from work so I could spend some time with her on her day!
On Monday we went to Vegas because my Sister was down there for Cheer camp so my mom had booked a room down there. We stayed the night with them so we could do some shopping and swimming! We had dinner at the cheesecake factory, yum! Jessie loved the water! She would crawl right in it with no one around! She loved it!
 On Tuesday we did some shopping and more swimming and then came home so we could spend some time with Cody on Jessie's Birthday too! We got Jessie a little tikes car. She loves it! So we gave that to her and decided to take her to dinner at the Inside Scoop. I even got her a kids meal. She had one bite. She only wanted to eat the pickle that came with my meal.
 We came home and let her eat her own little cake. She maybe ate a couple bites, but she did enjoy playing in it and spreading it all over her arms.
 On friday we had Jessie's 1 year check up. Everything is looking good! She is weighing 23 lbs and is 30 inches long. She is now drinking regular milk and eats lots of table food.
 We had a party at my Mom's house on saturday with my side of the family. The theme was John Deere. It turned out really cute and Jessie got tons of great presents. Cody and I got her the car, a princess tent, shoes, 8 outfits, blocks, and some bows. Yes, I think I over did it. Oh well.:) My parents got her the little slide in the pictures below. She loves it! She got tons of toys and babies!
On Sunday we had ice cream with the Hardy side of the family. It's always tradition to do homeade icecream and cake for birthdays! I think it's a fun tradition!
Jessie had a great birthday! We celebrated a lot!

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