Monday, July 23, 2012


In case you were wondering the title of this post is referring to me.
I loooove food way too much.
You know that person who is planning dinner while eating breakfast??
That's me.
Yes, gross I know. I have tried every fad diet out there. EVERY STINKING ONE. Hcg, Atkins, WW, Diet Pills, Counting Calories, Cutting certain foods, the list could go on for years.
I mean look at my sisters.. (below images)

 They are skinny gorgeous beeotches. Where did I go wrong?!

I don't mean to through myself a pitty party, but sometimes it's just necessary!!
I've always struggled with my weight and I about dang sick of it! I've had a lot of people tell me *Don't worry about it now and just lose it after you are done having kids* Uhhh. And be freaking miserable during pregnancy and all in between? No Thanks!
So before I have another kid I would like to be a little healthier
and feel better about myself.
I did Weight Watchers last year and started again this year. There was not enough people to roll over the season during the summer so we are going to start again in September.
Until then I thought maybe I would hold myself accountable through the blogging world.
Post updates and maybe some yummy foods that I've found a long the way.
Stay tuned my blogger friends!
And wish me luck!


  1. Is there a weight watchers meeting here in the valley? I tried it online and I really liked it, but i think meetings would help alot. Since i am going to live really close to you soon we could go for walks or something together?!
    BTW, i thought the first picture, of your sisters, was you!

  2. Thanks Jessica!
    Yes there is one in Moapa!
    I'm so excited you guys are moving close! Walks for sure!!:)