Sunday, July 8, 2012

 Last Fourth of July we had a brand new baby so we stayed home and watched the fire works from our pouch and didn't do anything with family. This year we stayed in the Valley. We had a good breakfast that we left way too full from at Grandparents Hardy's house. Cody had the day off so we spent the rest of the day laying around watching movies and taking naps.
 We had a bbq at Stan and Lana's house with all the Hardy fam. It was fun and we also left there too full. It was also my Father-in-Laws birthday. Happy Birthday Jim! Cody had to work the next day so we stayed on our porch for some fire works with Jessie before we went to bed. She liked the fire works and would point at them and say.. 'ooooohhh'. Such a silly girl. We wish we could of watched fire works with the rest of the family afterwards at Stan's but 4:15 comes pretty early........ For Cody.:)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! I'm so grateful for this Country!

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