Saturday, August 25, 2012

JW Marriott..

We wanted to do something this summer, we thought and thought and came up with pretty much nothing.
So a few weeks ago I booked us a room at the lovely JW Marriott in Vegas for 2 nights. We called this our 'Birthday's Getaway.'
 I didn't get many pictures. I thought about taking pictures, but just didn't want to even bother with it.
We just swam did some shopping and relaxed.
It was nice.
 Jessie hates to be carried around. So it took us awhile to get to places because her little legs don't go too fast.
I think she had fun, but was ready to come home to her bed. She loves her bed!!
It was good to get out of town. Even if it was just to Vegas.
Next.. I hope it's Disneyland.. Sigh....... Nothing compares to Disney.

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