Monday, August 20, 2012


What am I loving??

*That I can lay in bed and watch the lightening pretty much like every night. It's relaxing and gives me time to think about life.

*That Cody is chasing Jessie around saying "Ca-Ca". She found his dirty socks in the hamper.

*That the Pretty Little Liars Finale is a week from tomorrow. Who do you think is the betrAyal?? I've got no clue.

*That this week is not supposed to be blistering hot. Yay for Cody!

*That they gave me a team teacher in primary. I will only have to teach every other week. Hallelujah! Those kids make me crazy, and I will be able to go to Sunday School and Relief Society.

*That Jessie is sleeping 12 hours a night. Those new born nights were hard. Now I can sleep sleep sleep. And I have even found myself waking her up because I'm bored.

*That we are going on a mini vacay on Wednesday. My birthday is this weekend and Cody's is next month. I booked us a room at a resort in Vegas so we are going to take Jessie down and swim and have some family fun!

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